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Sharon Tate's Sister

She Was NOT Wearing Ring

When She Was Murdered

11/22/2011 6:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Debra Tate
The Sharon Tate "engagement ring" hitting the auction block next week was NOT taken off the actresses' dead hand after she was murdered ... because she was NOT wearing any rings at the time of her death ...  this according to Sharon's sister Debra.

Debra tells TMZ ... the ring featured in an upcoming auction on DID belong to the actress ... but she gave it away to a family friend long before she was killed by the Manson family in 1969.

Debra tells us ... the ring was not an "official" engagement ring -- but rather an "unofficial symbol of her relationship" with Roman Polanski. Debra says, "The ring was not Sharon's style and she never wore it."

Debra says Polanski later gave Sharon an "official" engagement ring -- a gold and diamond band "which she treasured."

Despite the auction house's claim, Debra is adamant Sharon was NOT wearing ANY rings on her finger at the time of her death -- adding, "Because Sharon was pregnant, she couldn't fit any rings on her finger."

Sharon was two weeks away from her due date when she was murdered.

So far, no comment from the auction site.


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I've see her photo, sadly at the Museum of Death. So there are certainly people more ghoulish than I.

1034 days ago


What would Debra do with her life if Sharon wasn't murdered? She really needs to get a life and move on unlike their mother.

1034 days ago


If you look at the crime scene photos it is very obvious that Sharon Tate was wearing no rings...

1034 days ago


Wow I don't know who's running that auction, but that's a pretty sleazy thing to do.

Having looked at a lot of photos and some video of Sharon, she really wasn't one to ware jewelry even before she was pregnant. The few I did see with a ring, it would have been an engagement ring on her left hand and it was not that ring. There was one photo of her early in the pregnancy with a ring on and you could see her fingers were really swollen, and the ring was cutting into her finger. There is no way she wore that ring later in the pregnancy when she was murdered.

1034 days ago


More people trying to profit off of someones gruesome death. Nice!

1034 days ago


Could you not just leave the dead where they are...dead. Do you have to keep reporting about the dead, and the cling ons. Like Hello are there no live people to get your clicks on

1034 days ago


Thank you for stepping forward and clearing this up. And saving some sucker the money he/she would have spent.

1034 days ago


Please....., can we all just move on from the Manson Murders?????

1034 days ago


harvey today on tmz live said the ring was worth alot more more than 10k. There was never a ring and still plugs

Jeez harvey.

1034 days ago


The story sounded incredulous when I read it earlier. I believe her sister.

1034 days ago


In regards to the comment made about her sister moving on with her life, come on! If it were your sister who was brutally, savagely murdered in a case so famous there's probably few who haven't heard of it, wouldn't you step up to the plate and speak out if someone were trying to auction jewelry claiming she was wearing it when she was killed? That doesn't mean all she does is run around talking about it all the time. Sometimes I just have to shake my head at the incredibly insensitive things that people say sometimes. Until you've had someone you love's life taken by the vicious acts of someone else, how can you even begin to say what you'd do? It's hard enough getting over death, let alone when it was under those cir****tances. C'mon, people.....have a little more class. Geez.

1034 days ago


Hasn't this family been through enough? Yet there are always bottom feeders lurking to spread the crap and pick the bones.

1034 days ago

Mary P    

I also wondered, getting the rings off during those times - she had been dead for several hours. Sadly, but importantly, she would have been swollen from gases building up in her system until she was found (and subsequent crime scene investigation before removing her). So not only was she swollen from the pregnancy, but from her death. To just slip it off her finger before she was properly taken care of would have been near impossible. Not to mention, after processing, they usually give jewelry etc. to the next of kin immediately so it can't be lost.

1034 days ago

Jay W.     

Tragic... Sharon Tate was a very beautiful woman!

1034 days ago


Slow news day?

1034 days ago
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