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MJ's Death House Auction

Secret Messages on Furniture

11/23/2011 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson furniture auctionSeveral items from the upcoming Michael Jackson death house auction -- including a mirror from MJ's inner sanctum -- contain messages the public was never meant to see ... and now, TMZ has obtained pictures of the secret inscriptions.

The mirror reads "Train, perfection March April Full Out" ... and according to a rep for Julien's Auctions -- the company behind the sale -- Jackson wrote the motivational message to himself in the months leading up to his "This Is It" tour.

The chalkboard on the right contains a heartbreaking message from one of Michael's children -- "I love Daddy. Smile, it's for free!" Both the mirror and the chalkboard have remained undisturbed since the singer's death.

Clearly, neither message was intended for public viewing -- but we're told the items are hitting the auction block on December 17 ... as is.

Check out the gallery for more of the semi-creepy things going up for auction.


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1064 days ago

His greatest fan    

I cant believe what im reading about MJ. All i know is good about him and he was the greatest performer of all time. His family is so selfish and greedy. This world we live in is so quick to turn and judge. He was the greatest person that ever walked this earth. His greatest fan......... love ya Mike

1064 days ago


I would love to buy it! Anything that MJ touched turned to Gold!! It is sad that I cannot afford it. I cannot find anything weird about MJ! Nothing!!
Name calling is not helping folks.. it only makes you look stupid to the world. You are not putting a dent in MJ legacy that’s for sure! But, your own reputation is tarnished each time you comment ignorantly and post out of hatred or jealousy for MJ or Jackson family. Please get some education and find a job please, empty minds is devils workshop! Make finding jobs your life’s priority currently not what is sold in MJ Auction. You have no control of that do you??? Lol!

1064 days ago


If I could afford it I would get atleast one of MJ's items, It will sell for thousands if not millions of $$$ I am positive. Great to see MJ Estate making money for MJ's Children. RIP MJ.

1064 days ago


Michael was a victim of the media. Harvey Levin and other media.- Good dreams without propofol. You did not give Michael a chance. There was no mercy.
Michael gave the world his heart. What he got in return?. Are you proud of yourself Levin?.
Media have done everything to destroy him. Media have done everything to destroy an innocent man. Why?.

1064 days ago

I Was About To Say    

EVERYONE who spew*****e against MJ is JEALOUS, so funny to see, get over yourselves, you could have made something of your lives but you didn't, you can only be upset with yourselves.

@TMZ.."more semi-creepy things for auction"...nothing you already mentioned was creepy at all. Unless you feel that a message from your child on a chalkboard to you as a parent is creepy, and unless you feel a motivational message to yourself is creepy. I bet if we looked in your house we'd find "creepy" things such as that.

If I could I'd buy that chalkboard and give it back to the kids, they shouldn't be auctioning that, it has sentimental value to which ever kid wrote it.

Messages of hate against MJ are pure jealousy, too funny that you all are jealous losers. Say all the nasty lies you want, your jealous, LOL

1064 days ago


Wouldn't you think his children would want to keep these things??? I guess mama & papa Jackson are focusing on what they always have, the $$$$... SAD

1064 days ago

Brigha from UK    

I believe that neither the Jackson family nor his estate have anything to do with this auction.
The family went to the Carolwood house on the night of MJs death but had no access after that.
It is sad to see so many other people making money off MJ. Greedy vultures picking over his bones.

1064 days ago



There is so much for each of us to be Thankful For: Loved Ones, Friends, a roof over our heads, food to eat, we do not live in a war zone area, we can wake up each day and see the sky and all the Wonderful things in which God created for us, for some its a job (if you have one), and so many other things! Wishing Everyone a Very Happy Thanksgiving Day!

1064 days ago


miss you Michael

1064 days ago



1064 days ago


There is nothing creepy about any of this.. Michael was a man and if he wanted to write motivaational words.. COOL. If his kids decide to leave him a note. GREAT.. Stop making a damn issue out of everything. MAKES NO SENSE! And to all of you who say that M.J. was a weirdo etc, he wasnt. He was a grown man trying to find one small piece of privacy from fans like you.. talk mess about him now but probably the main one playing his music. Let him rest in peace. He was human. U mean to tell me noone on here has received love notes from a child or wrote motivational notes? Gimme a break..

1064 days ago

yvonne from uk    

Never mind making money from the sale of these items, the owners should give them to Michaels kids, they will be of great sentimental value to them and the message on the mirror proves to everyone Michael was ready to thrill the world again, he had so much more to give.RIP Michael, love you forever.

1064 days ago
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