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Sugarland Sued

You Could Have PREVENTED

Deadly Concert Disaster

11/23/2011 10:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sugarland sued
The country duo Sugarland is being sued by dozens of people who claim they were injured in a devastating stage collapse at a concert in Indiana earlier this year ... all because the band allegedly failed to cancel the show when they KNEW the weather was getting bad.

More than 40 people -- including the estates of people who died in the accident -- filed the suit against the band in Indiana ... claiming the members of Sugarland had the authority to cancel the show because of bad weather.

According to the docs, Sugarland "failed" to call it off ... putting the fans in grave danger.

Moments before the performance on August 13, powerful winds blew in and knocked over the stage -- killing 7 people and injuring more than 45.

Sugarland isn't the only defendant in the lawsuit -- the alleged victims are also demanding unspecified damages from concert promoter Live Nation, ESG Security and the stagehands’ union.



No Avatar


That's not fair....people could have left when the weather got so bad!

1068 days ago

Big Daddy    

Them's:) Is sum funnny loooking peoples Maw. He defanatellly has an ear for music.

1068 days ago


Pathetic! How about; bad storm coming, I'm going to find safety. Jesus, how can I get something for free even though I'm an idiot. I hope they have to pay their attorney's fees because they won't get a dime.

1068 days ago


I wonder if Mother Nature is also being sued, it seems to be it's all her fault.

1068 days ago


Sugarland should sue those idiots!!! They were waiting for a concert thereby putting Sugarland in danger for having to be there.

1068 days ago


That is ridiculous. Nobody is at fault. It is a tragedy. Also, nobody was forced to go to the concert in bad weather condition.. as well as nobody purposely performing at the show with the intensions of people getting hurt.. IGNORANCE!

1068 days ago


Who didn't know this was coming? So in other words, people are to damn stupid to know to get out of the weather when it turns bad. It's sad that people died, but this is just a money grab by ambulance chasers and the families.

1068 days ago


if the fans knew the weather was bad, they shouldn't have gone. they can't blame the band for not cancelling because the weather was bad, because they chose to go anyways.

1068 days ago

Voice O Reason    

If Sugarland, the promoters, stage union, and security knew it was dangerous, THEN WHY DIDN'T THE IDIOT FANS KNOW IT WAS DANGEROUS?

1068 days ago


I don't even care if Sugarland could be blamed in legal terms. How about some personal responsibility. To bad they can't sue the people who died who were to stupid to use common sense and leave. Your telling me these people weren't smart enough to think to themselves "oh wow 50mph wind gusts. Maybe I should head somewhere else". They needed complete strangers to make decisions on safety for them?

1068 days ago


Suing the promoters? Yeah, I get that. Suing the band who's lives were as much at risk as the audience members, that's ridiculous and greedy. The BAND could also sue the promoters for putting their lives at risk. Stupid stupid stupid.

1067 days ago


Personally, I'd leave at first sign of bad weather. I personally wouldn't want to be right next to a giant metal structure in a storm, wind or not. I also believe on the ABC interview with Sugarland when they went back, they said they were under the actual stage and about ready to come up on the stage when the accident happened. They had no idea what had happened until later.

1067 days ago


thats ridiculous everybody has two eyes when they see weather coming (they were outside) plus nowadays everyone has a cell phone with a weather app...this is just absurd

1067 days ago


How is this Sugarland's fault? Last time I checked, they aren't meteorologists or engineers and in no way could have predicted the weather or the stage collapse.

1067 days ago


and i guess sugarland forced these dozens of fans to stay and watch the show. if the weather was bad, the fans should've used their own judgement and not attended. and if sugarland did cancel the concert, the same fans would be complaining about that. it's called personal responsibility people!

1067 days ago
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