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Wodka Vodka

Anti-Semitic Billboard Pulled

For Being Super Anti-Semitic

11/24/2011 12:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wodka Vodka billboard -- christmas quality, hanukkah pricing
Some dumbass at the Wodka Vodka company thought he could post a billboard reading, "Christmas Quality, Hanukkah Pricing" ... and everything would be cool. He was wrong.

The billboard -- posted in New York -- was taken down after the company received scores of phone calls and complaints from the Anti-Defamation League.

A rep for the ADL released a statement saying, "In a crude and offensive way of trying to make a point that their vodka is high quality and inexpensive, the billboards evoke a Jewish holiday to imply something that is cheap and of lesser value when compared to the higher value of a Christian holiday."

The rep added the billboard "reinforces anti-Semitic stereotypes.”

According to the Washington Post, the guy in charge of the moronic campaign is Brian Gordon -- who says he is Jewish and didn't intend to offend anyone ... explaining the billboard was supposed to convey that Hanukkah is an "understated" holiday.


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Sam Sunshine     

How many thousands of years will it take for Jews to quit using the Jew card. Yes, we don't agree what happened to them but get over it. Being hyper sensitive makes you look like we all owe you something. You guys are in the clear, it will not happen again.

1028 days ago


I think it's offensive more because it's a lazy and lame campaign than anything. Suggested replacement: "When you drink, drink to forget...the Holocaust." Something like that.
By the way, does this mean that TMZ is going to stop ragging on other, Gentile groups like the Mormons, the Amish, the Catholics, the Irish, etc with their lazy and lame "It's OK, we're just having fun - we have one of them on staff" jokes. You know it's not true that just because you're in a minority, you can't be bigoted, too.

1028 days ago


When I read it I thought it was anti-semitic because it seemed like it was using the stereotype that Jews are cheap. While the actual comparison they make is bad, if you really want to split hairs Hanukkah is a lesser holiday compared to Christmas. The only reason it has as much prominence as it does is because it takes place around the same time as Christmas. The more proper comparison would be Christmas and Yom Kippur, since that is probably the most important Jewish holiday much like Christmas is the most important Christian one.

1028 days ago

Seriously wtf    

Rich coming from TMZ who spoiled Santa for a bunch of kids, and then gave a really snide, mocking 'apology' for doing so.

1028 days ago


The word "semitic" is so lame-sounding. If it's supposed to mean jew or jew things then just say "Anti-Jew" and let the kindergarteners in on the headline too.

1028 days ago

Seriously wtf    

For the record, yes, the billboard does reinforce some stereotypes but none that my Jewish friends don't joke about themselves. However, it is better to err on the side of caution in these matters and to remove the billboard. Let there be no room for anti-semitism, hatred or bigotry in this world.

NOW TMZ, how about removing your horribly snide 'apology' to the kids you told there was no Santa too? And how about removing the picture from the Sandusky video that you put up standing behind a child who is bent over?

1028 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

S T O P U S I N G T H E J E W C A R D !

1028 days ago


I love how so many white trash losers think jewish people are born rich. Its called finishing high school, graduating college and getting a job.

1028 days ago


It's stereotyping, plain and simple. The Scots and Dutch both get lumped into this thrifty (cheap) bin. The only thing I will say is that it's a common stereotype that Jewish people themselves and movies (new Harold and Kumar) commonly use. Not that this changes things it's just funny that so many people would get mad at something that is used so often. Although it's probably one of those we can say it you can't kind of things!!!

1028 days ago


Truth hurts, its a free country, ain't that what ur fighting for? freedom of speech??? get the **** over it!!!!

1028 days ago


I think they should have an ad for Schnaps that says, "Perfect thing to drink to drown your sorrows after a pogrom committed by vodka drinkers."

1028 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

how funny. i would have been more offended about the afghan wearing a yamulke...but hey, i'm not a jew... (thank god!) :DD i ♥ pork n liquor.

1028 days ago


C'mon ,lighten up. It is not anti- sematic. People just read into something that is not there.

1028 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

obviously, they are just trying to get money out of this theatrical sense of 'offense'. what do you expect?

1028 days ago


The Jews have names for non jewish people....."goyem" and names for non jewish men and women. I dated a Jewish girl once and her family went off calling me this stupid name,,,,shixa or something like that and telling their daughter not even to think about getting married to me. They always use these names openly and without remorse or concern for ones feelings. They also freak out if you are wearing a cross around your neck i've seen it many Dracula or something. So when something stupid like this happens they go off? I just don;t get how once sided people can be.
It's almost 2012 Can't we just all get along. Geeze!

1028 days ago
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