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Kim K & Jennifer Love Hewitt

Girl-on-Girl Thanksgiving

11/24/2011 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


We have no idea what the hell they're trying to make ... in fact, it kind of looks disgusting -- but one thing's for sure ... Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Love Hewitt look damn good in a pair of aprons.

Kim K and J Love cooked up a storm for the homeless yesterday at the L.A. Mission. Hopefully, no one actually ate whatever they were trying to make in this video.


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Is this the same Mission that was on their show?? You know, the one where the homeless people staying at the mission have great big flat screen TV's and their own bathrooms?

973 days ago

not surprised    

I heard there was a recall on BUTTERBALL turkeys. KIM must have forgot to butter their balls!!!!!

973 days ago

Throwback kid    

Boycott everything Kardashian 2012! I know it sounds like a campaign slogan but in a way it is. If we band together and not support them, we may just be able to finally get rid of the greedy disgusting Kardashian family once and for all. They have overstayed their welcome, and we owe it to them to tell them it's time to go. Boycott everything Kardashian 2012!

973 days ago


Momma told that phoney b*tch to haul her a$$ down there, find the cameras, and pretend like you give a sh*t about anyone but yourself. Another pitiful display of damage control. Not buying it. Turn off the Kardashians, ALL of them, the E channel and the garbage of Ryan Gaycrest. Make your world a better place.

973 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kim did NOT use gloves. Those two selfish B!tches could care less about the people that they are feeding. This is the way a person feeds dogs without gloves. Pretty upsetting to see them not using gloves. At least Oksana Grigorieva the other fame whore was wearing gloves.

973 days ago

jersey girl

973 days ago


I just don't get this picture you have professional actresses along with kk the one that is not professional at nothing but being pathetic and fake. Give me a break you ain't fooling me B and tell that to your fake mother. Its laughable.

973 days ago

jersey girl

973 days ago


Glad to see kim and her friends have not given up on there charity work just because some people think so negative of her. Its obvious people dont know her or her friends or you would know she has always done charity work. All of us go through tough times but she at least holds her head up and moves foreward. She has worked since she was very young doing charity work and helping those in need. Its a great feeling to help others. So good for her. She has alot of support out there and she is doing a great job of overcomming her marriage breakup. I know this site is full of insecure people that love to run people down, its so sad that people feel so low of themselves that they have to stay online and post on people they dont even know and dont care for. Got to get off and do something constructive now. Play time is over kids. Have a great night trolling!

973 days ago

jersey girl    

Please do no*****ch their shows, or buy anything they endorse. better yet you can get rid of E! channel altogether.Change the channel. From now on i wont even comment on her, she is not worth it. Lets not pay any attention to her. Negative attention is still attention folks for her at least! She does not deserve one second of our attention. Let her go and find a job, like the rest of us!

973 days ago

Throwback kid    

Whenever I see someone say Boycott the Kardashians I say to myself, you know, it just feels right. They have been scamming the public for four years now, they have no talent and have made millions of dollars off the American public. Well like alot of other people on this board I have grown tired of them, I feel this family has no class or manners and have grown bored with their crude behavior and their constant need for attention all the time. I really do think it is time for the Kardashians to ride off into the sunset. They have overstayed their welcome and now just feels like the right time to say goodbye to them.

Of course they won't go away quietly, they are ignorat, crass and do not want to give up the money, fame and attention they all crave so bad. But that's where we have to give them a little help. Do no*****ch their show, do not shop at Sears, if you see one of their botoxed faces on a magazine do not buy it. When there is no more public demand for the Kardashians, they will have no choice but to go away. When the ratings go down on the E show, E will find something else to put on to make money for them, they will show the Kardashians no loyalty. Hollywood is a bottom line business, and when the Kardashians can no longer deliver they will be gone, as it should be.

973 days ago


BOOOOOOOOO!! So Sick & Tired Of the letter K and the people associated with it! Please stop the press coverage, you're ruining our good press coverage of real people....not whores!

973 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...OMGGGG...just have too say...this Lady Gaga Thanksgiving special is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

973 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I've been boycotting The Kardashians ever since ole mannequin face showed up on the scene. So, glad everybody finally decided to join me....

973 days ago


Another ploy to mend her DESTROYED IMAGE. The public is not stupid. Boycott everything Kardashian except Rob.

973 days ago
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