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Amanda Knox

First Thanksgiving Home

11/25/2011 11:26 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Knox was out running errands yesterday in Seattle with her sister and mother ... her first Thanksgiving home since her murder conviction was overturned.

Clearly, she has a lot to be thankful for this year.


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billybob: 6 hours ago

It was not said by the court that she is NOT guilty. There were just reasonable doubts so that the court had to discharge her. The tactic of her million dollar attorneys was to find any evidence that could lead to a reasonable doubt


Check your facts Billy Bob. The judge very clearly declared both Amanda and Rafael INNOCENT. He did not say ACQUITTED due to lack of evidence. He said CHARGES DISMISSED they are INNOCENT - they DID NOT commit this crime.

Like most American's though you believe everyone is guilty of anything they are accused of regardless of cold hard evidence to the contrary.

Just think Billy Bob, it could have been you in a strange country with a corrupt judicial system and all I would have to do is point a finger at you and say - THE AMERICAN DID IT - the police then build their case to fit my accusation and you are done.

Then what Billy Bob?

1025 days ago


This chick is a whore and a murderer. She should do porn and have 200 black guys sodomize her for 20 hours, she should do gangbangs and DP's as well. She is a murder and a whore. I would watch the video and eat popcorn.

1025 days ago


It'd be a better holiday if you'd leave her/them alone. She's not a celebrity and this isn't a story. Lame, tmz.

1025 days ago

Chris Meyers    

And I'd get some popcorn and soda if every lettuce picker was gathered up tomorrow and burned on a stake.

1025 days ago


absolutely,i agree with your point.

1025 days ago


Em: about an hour ago

I have not read the court transcripts. And I admittedly do not know much about the murder or the trial. But, like many others, I do not believe her complete innocence. Just something in her defiant look in almost every picture I see of her that reads, "yeah? prove it." I will agree she has a lot to be thankful for - she's home, she's loved AND she's alive


I wonder I you would have an angry or defiant look if you had been through what she has. I'd be saying PROVE IT too if I had been accused and incarcerated for something I didn't do?

1025 days ago


She always look so guilty... She can even smile! I feel bad for the family of the other girl. I believe that if she did it, she will pay for it..."what goes around comes around"

1025 days ago

bring back recent posts    

..I believe 100% she is innocent of murder...won't bother with all the details of why...I WILL say...if I was locked up and made out too be a murderer with total obsession of the media and public that i was guilty...( when in fact i wasn't)..I too would scour at the very sight of a camera..that poor girl is suffering and nite..24/7...ptsd...I pray that she gets some peace on earth soon! and ....she needs to not read ANY garbage printed about her..or gossip! good luck too her!

1025 days ago


why are they so grumpy looking ..I have never seen this girl smile.

1024 days ago

Mae White    

Amanda is guilty of murdering Meredith Kercher.
Her time will come.
Next year Rudy Guede, on whom Knox and her moronic boyfriend pinned the blame for the murder, will speak out.

Karma, Amanda, is a bitch.

Enjoy your freedom while you can.

1024 days ago


If looks could kill.

1024 days ago


She always has such glum expressions on her face. Maybe after she receives some majorly large cheques in the mail, you know, from her payout from Italy and all the other sums of money due to her for being a media darling ... she'll be in a better disposition overall. No ?

1024 days ago


What a nightmare for Amanda she's an incredibly strong young woman. A corrupt D A and legal system. So glad she's free and pray for healing from this terrible travesty.

1024 days ago

Innocent ABCD    

Happy Thanksgiving Amanda! Welcome home and enjoy your well deserved freedom. You have been found to be Innocent and that's all that matters. If you ignore some of these fools, they will eventually find someone new to hate. Life goes on...I wish you all the love and happiness you deserve.

1024 days ago


I hope she's going to hell!!!

1024 days ago
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