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Larry Birkhead

The DNA Expert

11/27/2011 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Asking Larry Birkhead about Justin Bieber's recent paternity issues is just too perfect ... considering he was involved in one of the most famous DNA tests ever.

You'll remember ... Birkhead found out he was the father of Dannielynn, Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, after a drawn out paternity battle in the Bahamas in 2007 that involved Howard K. Stern and even Prince Frederic Von Anhalt.

Smart money is on Justin learning the exact opposite news soon.


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What does Larry do for a living to support her and himself? Does he have a regular everyday job?

1060 days ago


Larry PLEASE put that child down and let her walk!!!!!

1060 days ago


Larry Birkhead is a famehungry ex paparazzo who lived with his longtime boyfriend when he met Anna Nicole. His ex gay lover Kerrick Ross exposed him. Birkhead came to Hollywood to become an actor, but failed. He had many esthetic operations on his face, his own twin brother can't recognize him. Birkhead said he intentionally impregnated very sick, heavily medicated woman... What kind of a man whould want to do that? Did he ever think about Anna's wellbeing, birth defects $$$$ He raked in $2M selling interviews and pictures of Anna's kid.

The exploitation of a little girl is his only job.

1060 days ago


Birkead said at the Daniel Smith's Inquest that Anna gave her son drugs "because she didn't want Daniel to go around and experiment with his friends." Why didn't he call CPS or Police? He could have saved Daniel's life. Perhaps money was more important than Daniel's life. Birkhead should be ashamed of himself.

1060 days ago


Larry Birkhead said he intentionally impregnated sick, heavily mediacated middle aged woman. What kind of a man whould want to impregnate a woman on methadone and other medication? Did he ever think about Anna's wellbeing and birth defects? We know he lived with his boyfriend when he met Anna. He had never had a relationship with a woman before Anna or after Anna. Birkhead's ex gay lover Kerrick Ross exposed him. Birkhead constantly exploits Anna's kid in tabloids. We all remember when he took Dannielynn to Anna's grave to pose for money. Birkhead is a millionaire who raked in $2M from tabloids, he accomplished his goal.

1060 days ago


Good gosh, put that child down. Birkhead clutches that kid like she's his meal ticket that he doesn't want anyone else to get their hands on............. hey wait a second.

1059 days ago


My question is this... WHY is he carrying that big kid? She has legs, right?

1059 days ago


It's funny that Bieber never denied sleeping with her....I think the truth will come out eventually.

1059 days ago


For those having trouble understanding why Larry is always seen holding Dannielynn,my guess would be "THE NUTS" would grab the child.If he is a over protective father "SO WHAT" better save than sorry.Rather than pick him apart,try and understand a first time father,Larry is doing fine.I admire Larry Birkhead,for fighting for his "little girl" and taking fatherhood serious,I am truly sick of hearing DIVORCE and the children get pushed back and forth like yo yo's.MERRY CHRISTMAS LARRY,I TRULY,TRULY ADMIRE YOU FOR BEING A STAND UP FATHER.

1059 days ago


This child will need to use a therapist to teach her to walk. Why does he carry her around. Or,is he waiting for her to get her license.He is an enabler in the worst sense.

1059 days ago


Anna picked a cutie

1059 days ago


A few years from now...

Dannie lynn to Larry, "Daddy, whats a sperm donor?"

1059 days ago


A few years from now...

Dannie lynn to Larry, "Daddy, whats a sperm donor?"

1059 days ago


@Breeza, Going on the "Tonight" show and saying he never met this woman,, kind of answers your question, doesn't it? Not meeting this woman, kind of states that he hasnt slept with her,,What more does he need to point out to you to make you happy?

1059 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...everything happens for a reason..thankgod that little girl wasn't brought up by her drug addicted mother...she has a chance in life with her father...ANS had a very sad life..suxs

1059 days ago
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