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Black People Can Be

Oversensitive, Too

11/28/2011 2:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1_xf1ahdc7_1_coot9dgnGay people aren't the only ones who need to learn how to laugh at themselves -- T.I. tells TMZ Live ... the black community is also guilty of being overly sensitive when it comes to jokes.

T.I. called in, standing by what he said in the recent Vibe interview ... that gay people who try to stifle arguably homophobic jokes simply because they're offensive are "not American."

And T.I. insists ... the argument doesn't just apply to gay people -- it applies to anyone who can't take a joke, black people included.

But there's one exception ... the n-word. Then all bets are off.


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get over it, who the **** cares

998 days ago


When people argue for the right to insult other people it creeps me out. If White America is so determined to use the N-word, then use it. Whatever makes you feel better about yourselves. Just say nothing when judgment is passed on you for being bigots, that's all. Take credit for the things you do.

998 days ago


I just gained a lot of respect for T.I for saying this. It's about time someone in the black community pointed it out because the rest of all know it's true. Thank you T.I.

998 days ago


well black and gay go right togather anyways..been to a prison latly,,them boys cant wait for some young men to enter...and they better have a sign on their backs saying ..exit only..not that they can read anyways

998 days ago


I hate how any discriminate topic always lead to the word *****...yeah I said it!Why is it cool to say Redskins,Women are the new blacks,Gays are unamerican,and so on and so forth.Blacks have been suffered more than any group of people in the world.If green aliens moved here,they would be received better than black people.yea I said it!!!Harvey being Jewish should know better than this!

998 days ago


Dear TI, just shut the He** up and continue making music! Sheesh!!!!!

998 days ago


What about the F----t word.....are all bets off then to TI?

998 days ago


As soon as he and every other rapper in the world stops USING the N word in every thing they say and sing... only then will this be a fair comparison since ***** is a just as offensive. I'm tired of people saying the N word is horrible and then turning around and yelling to their friends, "Hey ********* waz up, yo?" The NAACP tried to 'bury' that word long ago but as long as rappers keep using it themselves, the young african american kids are going to continue to use it every day as if it's okay. I can't stand that word and I hate having to hear it all the time. STFU already!

998 days ago


Being born gay or black is not a choice. It's a fact. So many black men are closeted. On he DL. No father figure so to prove their manhood they slam the gays. Why do they even care? Because they deep down want it. Just sayin

998 days ago

blk gay man    

he said what I been saying for years. Gays are too sensative, all Americans are frankly. we are such a nanny state. Everything has to be politcally correct these days and the people that have the most money are the people who try and censor someone elses opinion. Gay folks are very sensative, so are blacks, jewish people, muslims, white people. everyone.. moving on

997 days ago



997 days ago


Isnt this the same T.I. who got all offended and told Artie Lange to watch his mouth when he was on the Howard Stern show because Artie rapped the word "*****" in a Biggie Smalls song?

997 days ago


I agree with T.I. & Tracey Morgan.....if you don't agree with HOMESEXUALITY...then you don't agree with it! We are in america....everyone don't agree with being GAY!!!!! IT seems the gay community is trying to make the world gay! That isn't right! The gay community needs to stop being too sensitive...all of the world don't want to get F_ _ _ up the backside or a_ _ out! Get over that ****!

997 days ago

frey silverstar    

Just like ya'll dont like the N word, (which I never would use) us gays don't likethe F word, fair is fair...other than that lets all lighten up and laugh when things are funny even if we are laughing at ourselves

997 days ago

sara lee Gomez    

Why does he keep putting his foot in his mouth? You've been away from your children locked up in jail for stupid things and thinking that you're above the law. spend time with your kids and wife and SHUT UP no one wants to hear what you have to say.

996 days ago
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