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Dr. Murray's Baby Mama

Max Sentence Is 'Ridiculous'

11/29/2011 5:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's baby mama Nicole Alvarez is furious over the maximum sentence that was imposed today -- claiming Judge Pastor's decision was "ridiculous."

Nicole stepped out today with her son -- insisting Murray has beaten himself up non-stop since Michael's death ... despite Judge Pastor's claim the doctor showed no remorse for his crime.

Nicole adds, Murray has been "mournful for the past two-and-a-half years."


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oh. shut. up.

1058 days ago


This man is not remorseful in any way. If he's beating himself up, it's over the fact that he didn't get away with it not that he did it.

1058 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Poor Nicole. Her gravy train is gone. No she has to go back to the pole.

1058 days ago


Seems like Her child support just stopped for two years.

1058 days ago


It was not ridiculous. He should have gotten a much longer sentence ,but he got the max under the law.He shown no remorse.He made a major mistake. It does not matter how good of a Doctor he was.

1058 days ago

Give me a break!    

She's just mad that she needs to go get a real job and give up her sugar daddy.

1058 days ago


well there is a certain word I would like to call her but I will just go with a instrument

1058 days ago


No Miss Alvarez YOU'RE RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!! The way you acted in the courtroom was SHAMEFUL. You thought you hit the lottery by landing a rich Dr...a Dr who later got to treat Michael thought you hit the lottery by getting to meet THE Michael probably thought you and Conrad would be rubbing elbows with the rich and famous in probably had visions of yourself being in a Michael Jackson music video....REALITY are now known as the girl who's one of many ho's of the man who killed Michael Jackson. You are now known as the girl who acted like a FOOL in a court of law, acting as if it was your "television debut" forgetting that a human being had DIED. I highly doubt you will ever get a decent acting job after the way you presented yourself. Good luck to you and your baby because it looks as if you have to get a JOB now ....or I guess you'll try your hardest to find a new sugar daddy now that you know Conrad is broke as a joke and now has to pay money to the Jackson children......just sayin'

1058 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Are those big guys with her security guards? I wonder if they will be so supportive when the checks stop coming in.

1058 days ago


This stupid bitch needs to keep her mouth shut. Her dumb ass is part of the reason her man is locked up. Got up on the stand pretending like she is some Holloywood A lister.

1058 days ago


He was not remorseful over those past two years, nor is he remorseful now. He's just feeling sorry for himself that he has to be accountable for his actions. Michael paid for his addiction with his life. Conrad will pay for enabling him, and failing Michael as a Dr. with a few years in jail. For every action there is a consequence. It is sad that people refuse to accept accountability for their choices!

1058 days ago

Mike L    

I've been saying since the beginning that this judge is an ********. I'm with this woman. Murray doesn't deserve any of this. The wacko Pedo killed himself. Doc may have given him the tools to do it, but MJ killed himself. Murray deserves maybe a couple months for helping Pedo Jackson, but nothing like what this biased judge gave him.

1058 days ago


He's a scapegoat. Dealers don't go to jail for "killing" junkies. But, if he wanted his baby mama to be taken seriously, he should have married her. That's his crime in my book!

1058 days ago


This is the same pole dabcing bimbo that has the nerve to mention that her boyfriend Dr Conrad Murray "tended to "superstar Michael Jackson..
Even now this twit is still using this horrific disaster that befell MJ to promote herself..
She needs to update to her boyfriend "killing "the superstar

1058 days ago


HAHA...time to get a new pimp...oh I mean job...hahhahahahahah

1058 days ago
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