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Paris Jackson to Dad

I Wanna Go with You

11/29/2011 9:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson
says immediately after Michael Jackson was pronounced dead, his daughter Paris was crying, saying, "I wanna go with you." -- this according to the official Probation Report obtained by TMZ.

In the report, Katherine lashes out at Murray for his documentary, in which he lays blame for MJ's death on the singer and not Murray himself.  The report says, "During filming, he repeatedly stated that he did nothing wrong.  Ms. Jackson feels this adds insult to injury, and shows that he is clearly not remorseful."

Katherine feels a 4-year sentence is "insufficient."

Katherine also says she was "deeply insulted" that on the anniversary of Michael's death, Murray arranged to be photographed at the cemetery.


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Dr. Murray didn't kill MJ. MJ killed MJ. The Dr was rec'g 150,000 dollars a month (why kill the goose that lays the golden eggs). If you have to take large amount of drugs through an I-V to get to sleep, you are well on your way to checking out anyway. Granted, the Dr. shouldn't have left all that medication so readily available, but I think MJ added his own dosage to the mix.......That is what addicts do (overdose). His dysfunctional family seems all bereaved now, but have put a price on their financial loss........sickening...........

1024 days ago


What a shame that it seems that no one even bothered to read the above report.

In this Probation Officers report it states that while incarcerated and waiting for his sentence, Murray was deemed suicidal and MENTALLY ILL.

That's what fans have been stating all along, that he is a sociopath.

1024 days ago


Poor little thing! she felt helpless without the angel that happened to be her dad. I feel sad for her...L.O.V.E.

1024 days ago


forget what you think of micheal. forget the tabloids. remember this is a little girl who misses her daddy. who knew nothing but her daddy. for those of you saying he wasnt her real daddy do you think adopted kids wouldnt miss their adopted parents? was micheal jackson weird? yes. was he odd? yes. did he do things some people thought were out there? of course. but did his kids love him? HELL YES. if you are tired of hearing about it dont read it. if you dont agree keep your self righteous comments to yourself. you are no better than anyone including micheal jackson. This little girl is in pain and someday she will be able to just look at what all you cold hearted people say. People say its no loss because of accusations that were NEVER proven in court. in other words people would never push criminal complaints because they were most likely be proven false. Micheal Jackson was a man who lost his childhood due to fame. He instead lived it through so many kids he helped. Odd to some...or kind of a charity to others. Either way his daughter that has only know him as his father is hurting, just as his sons are. no reason to keep the trash talk on.

1024 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Those children will love being in public without a cover over their faces. Ms. Jackson, ZIP IT. You were the main one talking about the things that MJJ was afraid of, now you turn on Murray... a scapegoat. Keep selling that bull to people who saw MJJ as a god, sensible people don't buy your show today.
It is said MJJ loved you, why did you not die trying to get help for your son....stop blaming Murray who was an idiot for coming within two steps of MJJ, and start way back when MJJ was able to get any drug he wanted, still have loyal fans, support his family, miss rehersals, make his kids look like freaks, and all that. Most of the fans only care about MJJ's body and his sexuality on stage. If they would only open their eyes, they would not be able to say Murray killed MJJ, but was negligent.
This was a piece of chit of a trial. No one gave a damn about missing sur. tapes, or that the maid and the bodyguard had different stories. This is BS. love to put MJJ under the bus when he was being tried for child molestation, why in hell can't you now tell us who killed did say you KNEW.
Get off Murray's leg and shut the hell up like the estate is paying you to do. Sell your souls and let the rabid fans help you and your family live comfortable while Murray's children suffer. He took that job surely, to pay his support. I will never have anymore interest in the JACKSON family. Did you ever wonder why Blacks were not large followers of MJJ, but of the Jackson 5....well, it has nothing to do with his color, we know he had health problems, but because we can see the family for what they are........changed by money and fame. smdh

1024 days ago

Gsharon 710    

PS....I hope the children never fall into the drug life or they will be with their father sooner than later. Enjoy your life and learn from mistakes that have been made and don't fall for the crap the older Jacksons are dishing out.

1024 days ago


So what, everyone's parents or loved ones died. Paris your dad was a tormented man and had you and your 2 bothers to ease his demons, mj said you and your bothers were relief for him in the 2005 Geraldo interview and said that children give him his daily dose everyday in 1983 which is why he always went to Disneyland and carried Emanuel Lewis with him every where he went. MJ killed himself! stop being blinded by his fame, etc. Even mj said he would be better off dead and would slit his wrist before he could hurt a child, mj didn't care about dying, he was tormented. If anyone killed him it was the media and press stressing him out to the point he needed drugs to sleep, Murray didn't killed mj, Murray tried to help mj get the rest he so deperately wanted.

1024 days ago


@Gsharon 710

mj was NOT a drug addict read the autopsy report you moron

1024 days ago

Gsharon 710    

40. Sammy: 3 hours ago

@Gsharon 710

mj was NOT a drug addict read the autopsy report you moron

Do you mean that legal do***ent that does not even have his name correctly...that doc....

I give not a damn what that do***ent says. Doctors have shown where MJJ was getting regular injections and if that is not an addiction, I don't know what you call it. When you use several doctors, get scripts in many names, have everyone afraid to say no to are fond of drugs. This could have been due to his medical condition, but that does not lessen the fact he was being frequently medicated. How many normal people do you know that request the meds MJJ did..... Now because you are probably a child or a suppose to be adult living in your mama's basement, I will not call you a name that was not given to you. Open your eyes before someone uses you like a bathroom staple. Don't bother responding because I am so done with this Jackson thing. I will read articles about that family even less than I do that human piss pot. Those people only care about you when you put money in their pockets from your monthly check and support every spoken word they throw to you. Yes I loved MJJ's music, but I am not a fool. Actually I never considered myself a moron until I found myself answering your post.

1024 days ago


Dr. Conrad Murray Hoping To Be Home For ChristmasDr. Conrad Murray Hoping To Be Home For Christmas
Posted on Nov 30, 2011 @ 12:30PM print it send it By Jen Heger - Radar Legal Editor

Dr. Conrad Murray could be released on house arrest by Christmas, to serve the remainder of his jail sentence for his role in the death of Michael Jackson, is exclusively reporting.

Judge Michael Pastor imposed the maximum allowed sentence -- four years in jail -- on Jackson's former doctor on Tuesday, and because of overcrowding in California correctional facilities, Murray wasn't sent to state prison, but to Los Angeles County Jail. The cardiologist's sentence was automatically cut in half, and Murray is eligible for house arrest because he is considered a non-violent felon.

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

"Dr. Murray's lawyers are actually relieved that Judge Pastor didn't sentence him to community service, they didn't want him doing manual labor at the morgue, like Lindsay Lohan is doing. That would have been an absolute nightmare for him, as he would certainly be mocked, and it wouldn't have been safe for him to be picking up trash on the freeway or cleaning up graffiti,” a source close to the situation tells

“Judge Pastor actually did Murray a favor by maxing him out,"

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson Through The Years

The decision to release Dr. Murray on house arrest will personally be approved by Sheriff Lee Baca. "The Sheriff will determine when Dr. Murray will be released on house arrest. Dr. Murray is hoping that he will be released by Christmas. His lawyers have told him that is a real possibility," the insider says.

As previously reported, Deputy District Attorney David Walgren said on The Today Show, "I think he certainly deserves the full weight of the punishment and he certainly deserves the full four years...How much time he actually serves at the end of the day will be up to the sheriff."

1023 days ago

Rainbow Heydrich    

So Murray WAS found to be mentally disturbed while in prison. No surprise there. I could have told you that from the moment I first observed him.

1022 days ago


I found this on a site and this is what the mj fans are saying about the biological parents.....

- Prince (Arnold Klein/Debbie Rowe) American
- Paris (Mark Lester/Debbie Rowe) UK/American
- Blanket (Riz Bhatti/Pia Bhatti) Pakistani/Norway

1020 days ago


Meanwhile in Gotham City the Jackson family is still trying to sell Micheal's toenail clippings for an undisclosed amount.

1018 days ago
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