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Mel Gibson

Judge Gives Glowing Review

In Battery Case

12/1/2011 3:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1201_mel_g_exIf Mel Gibson got a grade for his probation, he'd score an A+.

Mel was in Judge Stephanie Sautner's court today for a progress report in his battery case -- remember Oksana Grigorieva?

Judge Sautner said she was more than impressed that Mel has completed twice the counseling requiring of him, and he was right on track on his 12-step program.

Mel pled no contest in March to misdemeanor battery.  He's currently on informal probation.


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@Realist I hear ya.. my jaw would drop if anything truthful or rational came from that corner.

As for attacks, who was the one that brought the trouble from the last thread over to this one? Hmmm? Why was my name mentioned a thousand times with all kinds bizarre accusations and insults made when I haven't even been here in ages? It's clear who the main aggressor is, yet there she goes playing the victim.

As for Blair Burke, I seriously doubt she would bother with any of these comments or any lunatics. Fretting about Internet trolls on message boards doesn't strike me as her style. As for knowing her and her "supporting" everything the Head Lunatic says, liar liar pants on fire. Remember, this is the same liar who proclaimed that she is the "future Mrs Gibson"!

1021 days ago


@ Shirley Holmes Im posting this too you to say your right Maj is a person worth caring about. You have good intuition when it comes to her :) and no im not being a smartar*se or anything Im being sincere as I read you were too.

@ everyone else to keep on topic.

Go Mel!!

1021 days ago


Yay! The Swedish version of Girl the Dragon Tattoo is on Netflix. I'm going to watch this weekend and will let you know. Can't wait for the American version, too. I want to compare. Still think the American version borrowed Mel's look of Satan from The Passion :-)

1021 days ago


@Frieda - I have to wonder why someone has to "wonder" what the DA or Gibson's team was "thinking" when she allegedly had Blair Burke on speed dial. She could have gotten the answer straight out.

1021 days ago


hmmm banning left right and centre?

1021 days ago


I click on Mel's picture this morning to see what fresh hell awaits him and am pleasantly surprised by what is going on in his life. I begin to read. I see Chestnut is here. I see a trail of threads of very respectful posts. Theories. Very intelligent judicial theories about the unanswered whys of the case this last year and the motives for some legal courses of action.

Then uh-oh... here it comes. Middle school has returned. The mean girls with the name calling. The attacks. The picture on the locker. The accusations. The belittling. Keep at it, mean girls. You know the weak spots. Threaten to get Chestnut ostracized. Chestnut keeps her calm. No bad language. A few very VERY funny but subtle jibes. But they keep at it. Maybe they can force Chestnut to say something out of sheer exasperation.

Then they can get Chestnut thrown off. Because Chestnut brings interesting commentary here. Which they certainly don't.

This is why I stay away. I outgrew middle school so long ago. My children have even outgrown middle school.

Chestnut, don't let them get to you. Funny they aren't around much till you're around. Others notice.

And Maj, wherever you are, there is a lot of wisdom in Chestnut's advice to you. It's been a painful year of encountering your worst fears and pain. I feel for you. Hug the cactus and walk away is great advice. Don't hang onto it. It will destroy you.

1021 days ago


Hi folks.

Ok what's going on here. One minute posts are there and then I refresh and poof, they disappear.

Majestik's posts disappeared, reappeared and then disappeared again.

And now other people are gone, geez it's like the looney bin around here.

1021 days ago


Posts are disappearing? Who and what is getting pulled?

1021 days ago


@Tell Good points! LOL!

1021 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Look what I found:

66. chickenblaster: 13 hours ago

loooool, i see the haters are still haters and the fans are still fans but in the end MEL will prevail, said it all the time....:-)

HI to all from the past who remember me(EM, or any one else who want to connect again hit me , info at buisness dot info) since the old email address you have is not working anymore.....

just exchange "at" with the cringly a :-)



Chicken was here and we didn't see him! Come BACK chicken!!

1021 days ago


Well I'm guessing a friendship with Blair Berk might come in handy right about now ;P

1021 days ago



I wanted to send a comment to Chestnut to tell her that you were right about the dates on the do***ents. I even used the link that she had posted herself. Sure enough, there it was in black and white. Robyn signed the do***ent on the 9th and her lawyer signed the do***ent on the 10th.

1021 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    


1021 days ago


I see 293 posts. I don't think people are being banned or posts pulled.

1021 days ago


It seems to be jumping back and forth.

Maybe there's cafuffle at TMZ about who's staying and whose going.

Or maybe they're arguing about Chestnut's posts cause they can't read them. I mean some of it was just gibbish.

1021 days ago
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