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Jackson Family

Between Rock & Hard Place

Over MJ Handprints

12/3/2011 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1202_michael_jackson_hand_print_launch_EXMichael Jackson's family is on the hunt for an incredibly valuable piece of rock -- containing the King of Pop's hand and footprints -- but the guy who currently owns it ain't giving it up without a fight.

MJ left the impressions back in 1984 for a Vegas hotel -- which had commissioned the piece for a "Walk of Fame"-type exhibit in front of the property.

The exhibit never materialized, and the concrete slab ended up gathering dust in the hotel basement -- until it was auctioned off years later ... and a guy named Andy Wilson picked it up for a pretty penny.

Now, the Jackson family has caught wind of the relic -- and they want to reclaim it, insisting the slab is the rightful property of the MJ estate. We're told they're even willing to pay Mr. Wilson $25,000 plus a cut of any merchandising profits they make off the item.

But Andy ain't budging -- telling TMZ, $25,000 just won't do ... and he's willing to wait as long as it takes to get a better deal.


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The Jackson family doesn't own the rights to everything Michael Jackson touched, wore, or built in his lifetime. The greed of this family never fails to astound. Ditto the earlier poster--I'd hammer the concrete into bits before giving in to their demands.

1056 days ago


It is the rightful property of the guy that purchased it at an auction. They can't just go yanking everything that MJ breathed on just because it can make a buck. It is his, and it is his to do with what he wants to do with it.

1056 days ago

Maura Cavaleri    

These people kill me. Anything that has his name on it now they think belongs to them???? I would NEVER sell it to them. Bunch of perverts raised a major peodophile. Just gross how he's being praised now. What about those poor, poor children he scarred for life???

1056 days ago

sick and tired    

These people are nothing but fame whores. Get jobs and stop living off your brother. Where were any of you when he was touching little boys. I will happy when the day comes that we wont have to hear anything about them.

1056 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo: 9 hours ago

He should take a sledge hammer to it and break it into a million pieces as a statement against pedophilia.

Best post of the year regarding the Jacksons and their wacko son!

1056 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Personally, I hope they all fly in a private jet next time and the pilot buries it's nose into the middle of the Rockies!

1056 days ago

Alan Carver    

Stories like this just re-emphasize the desperateness of the Jackson family. They will do about just ANYTHING to keep what they THINK IS THEIRS when it never was to begin with! This piece of slab belongs to the winner of it and if this Andy person is holding out - well good for him! He is behaving in the same fashion just as the Jackson's are. So in the end, they all are doing just what they think is good business and honestly, I concur! But HATS off to ANDY to hold out for an even better deal ... cause in the end the Jackson Family has attorneys that will screw this man out of any 'merchandising' money they get ... they are as ruthless and unethical as they come when it comes to keep their GREED in check! Pitiful!

1056 days ago

Joseph Diehl    

I hope if he does lose it he breaks it in front of the family and judge.

1056 days ago


I am so sick of this mj estate crap. The mj estate such a joke.

1055 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

This guy's life was a lesson in what happens when you work hard, become famous and extremely top level at what you do and even regular folks, people just leeching the lifeblood right out of these people, even worse of all, your own flesh and blood. It's not like these Jackson brothers are disabled or anything, I mean they could work digging ditches still if necessary they're still young enough, but they'll ride this pony as far as it'll moonwalk.

1055 days ago


Should be pretty straightforward. Either Michael sold the slab to the hotel, in which case they owned it, or he donated it to an exhibition whose fees would go to charity. If it's the latter and there's a contract saying the slab would go to Michael after the exhibition or if that didn't take place, the slab belonged to Michael and later his estate (=Katherine and the children). In case there is no contract and no proof of an oral agreement to the opposite, the handprints belonged to the hotel, for them to sell.

I also thought they wanted the prints for sentimental reasons, but I cooled off pretty quick when I read the line about "merchandise". I am really sick of the whole Jackson merchandise angle.

1055 days ago


wow, you can really see his vitiligo on his hand. RIP, Michael Jackson. Everyone wanted something from you..EVERYONE! No wonder life turned out so difficult for you. No one could have survived it, you couldn't even trust your family. That sleaze bag family, the "gavin clan"...all the lies, lies, lies...such destruction, such lies.

RIP, sweet soul Michael Jackson!

1055 days ago

And thats the truth    

I can see his children wanting these items. My Dad died when I was 21 and I would of loved to have something like this of him, however, I think $25,000 is a ridiculous price as this pc. would be worth much more then that and if the owner does not want to sell then leave him be. They have hundreds of millions of dollars so they should be able to pony up a lot more then that.

1055 days ago
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