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Dr. Drew Got Me All Wired Up

12/4/2011 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom and Dr Drew
Just weeks after Dr. Drew promised Octomom free internet service ... to help the mom-of-14 take online classes and get a damn job ... the former "Celebrity Rehab" host has made good on his word.

In case you missed it -- Dr. Drew offered Nadya Suleman an all-inclusive life improvement package last month on his show ... including a 6-month personal trainer online certification program, a year of cleaning services, and a year of child care services.

Problem was ... Nadya didn't have Internet at home to take the PT classes, so Drew also threw in free Internet. This week, Time Warner finally got her ass online.

Ball's in her court now.


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LOL $25.00 huh? Suppose you did send in a donation of $25.00, how do you know that didn't go towards one box of pampers? A can of simulac cost that much.

Did you read what she said... she got an email from Jeff Czech's office thanking her, not from Nadya. But I do disagree with snuffy last remark. Nadya never asked a soul for a penny. Please posts a video of Nadya asking the public, show hosts or even celebrity's for a cent. I sure like to see it. If not, I rest my case!!!

992 days ago


From Oprah's Site:

Nadya also asked for help. "What most people don't realize is Nadya Suleman made money after her octuplets were born," producer Dana says. "She did interviews; she sold pictures. And now she sent Oprah a letter asking for help because she was broke."

Read more:

992 days ago


Here is Nadya's PR person, Michael Furtney talking about the website and donations:

He also acknowledged that the hostile messages have so far outnumbered the well-wishes, but added, "the positive notes are beginning to catch up with the not so positive ones.“

Some have been directed to a new Suleman family Web site that solicits private donations to help support them.

The site is adorned with photos of the mother and her eight newborns, along with images of a baby bottle, a pacifier, a rainbow and alphabet blocks spelling out the word "love.“
Below the greeting, "We thank you from the bottom of our hearts -- Nadya Suleman and children,“ are heart-shaped links that invite visitors to comment and to make a contribution.

Furtney said people have primarily been offering furniture, clothing, food and other essentials, and someone even promised to donate breast milk. He said one Indiana farmer has offered to have the whole family live with him and his family.

He said "volunteers“ were paying for her temporary living arrangements.

992 days ago


Um that's help, not money. And even if this is true which I don't believe... that's not Nadya who said those words, none of it came out of Nadya mouth-- no see, that's somebody else's words, opinions. I didn't hear Nadya ask for anything. Show me a video of Nadya asking for money. Seriously, Oprah presented this letter on her show that she held up and didn't let anyone read it, claiming it was from Nadya saying Nadya wanted to be on her show to tell her side of the story. Said nothing about wanting money from Oprah, the public or anybody else. Someone else's negative point of view about Nadya does not make it true. Hard evidence, facts and truth is what I'm after, show proof or I rest my case. :)

992 days ago


Here is more proof about the original website set up asking for donations:
I've received numerous inquiries from readers about how to donate money to the Suleman family, and--thanks to a reader's comment on an earlier blog post--I now know the answer: Killeen Furtney Group, the public relations firm owned by Suleman's publicist, Michael Furtney, has created a web site where the public can donate money to the Suleman family using PayPal. They even take MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

992 days ago


LOL Mike Furtney? Sounds like he was referring to the website that had been hijacked and vandalized, stolen after one of Nadya supposedly allege friends set it up for her, (so it was reported). There's no actually proof or evidence that Nadya set up that website herself. Add that to the fact once that website was shut down Joann Killeen swung into actions and set up a website of her own without Nadya consent and people donated clothes and other baby things for her babies and older kids, which Joann delivered to Nadya new home. She said in one interview she was shutting down the site and that any donations afterwards will have to go through Jeff office, not Nadya's. Gees!

992 days ago


Wait, now that I think about it, all this took place in 2009. Perhaps that is why Jeff set up that website you think Nadya did. Because Joann probably told Jeff that all other donations would have go go through his office for now on because she's shutting down her donated website. He probably put that up after the fact so that people who still wanted to donate could still do so by going through him. There is that possiblity... Maybe he forgot all about that site and never updated it or shut it down there after. Hm...

992 days ago


From TeamNadya:
TeamNadya 10 hours ago
And again for the record Nadya never asked anybody for anything.

Proof 1:
Proof 2: From Oprah's Site:
Nadya also asked for help. "What most people don't realize is Nadya Suleman made money after her octuplets were born," producer Dana says. "She did interviews; she sold pictures. And now she sent Oprah a letter asking for help because she was broke." (Of course, according to TeamNadya, Oprah is lying... even though Nadya was sitting right there, and didn't refute the fact.)
Proof 3: "Some have been directed to a new Suleman family Web site that solicits private donations to help support them." as told by Nadya's PR person. (I suppose he's lying too, if Oprah was lying. Apparently the only person to ever tell the truth is Nadya - the person who said she's never had cosmetic surgery. The person who said only 6 embryos were implanted. The person who said she had to save the frozen embryos, etc. LOL!)

I think people are smart enough to figure this one out for themselves. At least MOST of the people...

992 days ago


See, that's the website where Killeen/Furby set up for donation, for Nadya kids. They did this on their own because they learned the one that was set up had been hijacked and vandalized. People from all over the world did contribute and donated baby items and stuff for the older kids which Killeen delivered to Nadya new address. She then said she was setting down her site and said all further donations would have to go through Jeff office. Which imo is why Jeff set up that website you accused Nadya of setting up. People who care enough to donate baby things and yes even money assuming that's what they sent, needed a website, an address to give these things (again, assuming they did after the fact) There's no evidence or proof any money came in. Maybe Jeff forgot to update the site, maybe he forgot to shut it down or simply just didn't care and left it up. Who knows? My money is on Jeff office setting up that website and not Nadya Suleman herself. Heck she probably don't even know about it. LOL

I know AIW set up a website of their own hoping for donations and Nadya said on ROL in her video diary that just incase no money come through that AIW was going to rely on MediCal to pay for AIW services. Guest no money came though because the only money that did was through Dr. Phil donations and Angel in waiting took the money and ran and never contribute a cent towards Nadya children, not even the infants. It was in their contract if Nadya terminated their services for any reasons that they would take the donated money and run for the hills. Which is exactly what they've done. And yes this was around the time no one, not even baby companies wanted to donate anything to Nadya because of the bad publicity she was getting from the media and press.

992 days ago


Does the word "Shill" come to anyone's mind besides me?

992 days ago


Oh so now Oprah mouth a prayer book? Don't even get me started on Oprah. But I will say this... Oprah also told every guest on her show they won a new car, what she neglected to tell them is they have to pay for it by way of taxes and other expenses. Oprah say a lot of things on her show for RATINGS wise.

FYI Nadya also set there and let Suze Orman nasty man looking arse take credit for something she didn't do, which cost a conflict between Nadya and her long time friend tattoo who was pissed because Nadya didn't speak up and tell everybody the garage sale was his brain storm project. He retailated by putting out that stupid video that Nadya asked him not to... Which btw Nadya did not get paid from.

Why are you listing third party opinions, people opinions and thoughts. That's not evidence or proof that Nadya asked for anything. Oprah is about ratings! It's a bloody freaking talk show just like Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew and all the rest, they do for others for ratings, not because they want to and they'll say and do anything. Can't believe everything you see and hear on TV. unless I hear it directly from the horses mouth. it's a if as at best!

992 days ago


Oh goody. Another act to get Dr(show me the $$$)Drew some publicity. Too bad he didn't do something for someone who actually deserved help. This repulsive Octo-b*tch has been scamming and using people for years. That's not going to change.

992 days ago


Enough of this...

Since we're on the subject of babies and your such a die hard worshiping fans of the Duggars. Can you tell me what kind of sane woman with 19 kids already, one dead and the last one nearly dying with her would turn around and have another child and put her and her unborn child number 21 at risk again Especially since her last child has major life threatening health problems and can barely walk and talk at one years old. Why would any sane woman do that when they can't even take care of the kids they have, pushing them on her elder daughters to raise and take care of? That makes no sense.

And just to keep it Nadya Suleman related, at least Nadya is not trying to break world's record and make money exploiting her kids on a reality TV show down going under. At least the baby factory is closed for Nadya, can Michelle say the same? Will she die in child birth? Will her unborn child? Will her other kids become motherless? Will she go after baby 22? Why... wait, I forgot she quoting Mother Teresa who turned out to be not so much of a saint herself. Children are like flowers, saying there are to much flowers is like saying there's to much children. Oh and that was after the old tired line that children are a blessing from God so that is why we keep having them. God gave them to us... no unprotected sex gave you 21 kids which one die and left you with 20 plus. UGH! :)

992 days ago



One who has deep religious beliefs, just like Nadya who couldn't kill those embryo's (that are still frozen!).

992 days ago


Okay, so I do defend Nadya a lot. That's because people is always bullying and attacking her for no reasons WSE anymore. Perhaps all the anger back in 2009 was warranted, but that shouldn't be the case 3 yrs later. People rehatching old wounds opening them up by repeating themselves trying to convince themselves that's the reason they're spreading so much hate towards this woman who has done nothing but born 8 babies into the world at once and trying her darned not to put the burden on taxpayers anymore. She's out there working doing any and everything she can to put food on the table and pay her bills. Okay so her home is in poor sight. At least the kids aren't homeless, abandon and neglected. They have running water, gas and electric. Maybe not be much but they do still have a roof over their heads.

I see no reason why I have to come on to TMZ and read articles about Nadya and then beat up on her some more when TMZ is already doing it and so are their readers. You find reason to hate Nadya Suleman and I will continue to find reason why not to.

You believe all the BS you read while I'll believe the evidence that's placed before me. Beside, I hate to see one person gain up on, I hate to see people being bullied and I like to speak my mind even if others disagree with me. :)

So yeah Team Nadya for sure! She's done nothing wrong to me and I commend Nadya for not running away or neglecting her problems, for facing up to them and dealing with the idiot haters out there that look down their noses at her as if they're lives are so perfect to judge hers.

Keep smiling Nadya, keep your chin and head up. Life has it ups and down for every living soul and your no exception to that. Good things will come your way, my prayers and thoughts are with you and your children always. Keep being a good mother to your children and God bless you.

992 days ago
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