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Brooke Mueller


12/7/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller is adamantly denying she did anything wrong last Friday -- when Aspen cops arrested her for coke possession and assault ... telling TMZ, she's fighting vigorously to clear her name.

Brooke's rep tells us, her lawyer is already in Aspen, investigating the case with the "goal of having all charges dropped once the facts of the case come to light."

As we previously reported, Brooke's parents and Charlie have offered to help her out with the kids, but Brooke insists they're staying with her -- "There will be no changes in the custody arrangement."

Sources close to Brooke tell us, she has no immediate plans to enter rehab ... but we're told several people close to Brooke are urging her to check in.

Brooke's due back in court December 19th.


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I am interested to see how Colorado's Justice System handles her. It's NOT California Brooke.

995 days ago


Poor little pampered rich girl Brooke. The whole world is just "out to get her"!

It's all a big conspiracy. Brooke didn't even know that she had 4-5 grams of cocaine on her! Somebody must have planted that cocaine on her! Honest!

Brooke wouldn't snort that cocaine or some crack anyway. She's an angel! Mommy and Daddy and Charlie will show all those mean ole cops and prosecutors who are out to get her!

Brooke is special you see. She's been a poor little rich girl all her life and the normal laws just don't apply to HER! Those laws only apply to the "little people". Those people go to jail for cocaine possession ... not Brooke! Her former hubby is Charlie Sheen for crying out loud!

995 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

This low level POS needs to go to jail and that is that.No one around her can help her and she needs help or she will be dead and that's that.

995 days ago


Watch out Brooke! The prisons are packed with innocent drug abusers and dealers. Most were just "holding" for their buddies. Don't let it happen to you!

995 days ago


I think it's probably been a looong time since Brooke was innocent of anything. But maybe she was just too drunk/loaded to remember. Whatever, it strikes me that we wouldn't even know who she is, except for Charlie Sheen. Thanks for nothing, Chuckles.

995 days ago


Her parents need to take the kids and head to another country.

995 days ago


Why does her face always look like that??? Like she's permanently stunned. She looks like a psycho mad woman. Seriously, its annoying.

995 days ago


Brooke, you are not fooling anyone. We saw you prancing in circles as you entered the club. What we would love to see is you acting like a responsible mother. It is way time. time is short.

994 days ago


Just look at her. She doesn't look like she does coke does she? lol

994 days ago


Which will OD first? Her or Liho.?

994 days ago


Hmmmmm if she was black the comments would be worst and she would of went to jail, freaking racist ass TMZ followers.....................

994 days ago


What's she famous for? Once married to a coke-head. Now she's one. A few years back I thought she was pretty hot. Now look at what the coke has done. She's got marks all over her body where guys have been touching her with a ten foot pole.

994 days ago

Go away to the crack house you nasty crack ho, you have kids, and they are better off never knowing you, you selfish crack head.....go do your drugs, go away nobody cares...skank..can you smell the crack pipe its calling your name....Rotten Mother!

994 days ago


every time one of these movie stars get busted with drugs. they always say im innocent.even know they have been busted 20 time previously. they always think people are out to get them. i think 90% of Hollywood is a bunch of bi-polar. drug addicts. cause that's what acting is you have to be different people all the time. i know some poor people that would be the best actors ever if they got their shot. they would be better then any actor in the bis.

994 days ago


The ol "once the facts of the case come to light" defense, we just dont hear that one enough.

Aspen 2 much time on meth

994 days ago
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