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Greyhound Bus Lines

Alec Baldwin's a Mean Bully!

12/7/2011 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Greyhound Bus Lines has no idea how they got caught in the crossfire between Alec Baldwin and American Airlines -- but they're not taking it sitting down ... telling TMZ, Alec is woefully ignorant when it comes to bus travel.

In case you haven't been keeping up -- Alec just wrote a diatribe online, blasting American Airlines for kicking him off one of their planes ... calling the whole ordeal a "Greyhound bus experience."

But a rep for the bus company tells us, the actor has no idea what he's talking about -- claiming, "I don’t know if he’s ever been on one of our buses (it doesn’t sound like it), but there are about 17.6 million people who travel with us every year who I’m sure wouldn’t share [his] feelings."

The rep adds, "I don’t know why he’s mentioning Greyhound, but we take pride in our safe and enjoyable service."


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You have to bring your tray tables and up in case you have to evacuate before take off and need to get to the aisle quickly. You bring your seatback forward so that the person behind you may have unobstructed access to the aisle. Clear access to the aisle is also the reason you are asked to push all of the stuff between your feet under the seat IN FRONT of you. The FAA has decided that if everyone can make it out of the airplane in 90 seconds or less, they have the best chance of not dying in a fire after a mishap. Next time you're on a plane, look at all of the people BETWEEN you and the exit closest to you. If they are plugged in, turned on, trip over crap on the floor and don't react quickly, grab their suitcase, etc. they've eaten up the time you need to get to the exit. Stewardesses in the 60s didn't have to deal with people in their pajamas trimming their toenails and plucking their chin hairs while moving cross country in hefty bags that Flight Attendants today encounter. They have addapted to the environment that the public and government has created.

1012 days ago


I think celebrities should stop acting they there treated in the criminal justices system. TSA dont give a **** u a person. So stop acting like ur better cause TSA dont care.

1012 days ago

Jessica Toth    

really!! Greyhound safe!?! Tell that to the family on Tim McLean!! **** the bus there is no safety!!

1012 days ago


alec balwin for president..hell i would vote for him...he rocks
legalize pot ya dummies

1012 days ago

Curious in Brooklyn    

I don't know Alec Baldwin personally to make insulting remarks to him however, I've been on American Airlines and what he said is the awful truth!!! As for GreyHound, when I was broke and desperate to go back home for the holiday I used your service and let me tell you, I would only be desperate and broke to do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1012 days ago


Just Ask Kim Basinger, she got a taste of the Alec Baldwin Bullying. He seems like such a nasty guy!

1012 days ago


I've ridden the Greyhound bus. Did you know that when someone is released from prison they are given the cheapest transportation home? Voila!.....GREYHOUND!. I had a very nasty experience on their bus to be sure! I like Alec and 30 Rock....Sincerely, Mrs Baldwin.

1012 days ago

Marion Johnson    

I think American Airlines did the right thing kicking Alex off the plane. Does Alex Baldwin think he is too big to follow the rules of the airline.

1012 days ago

Jesus Christ!, Alec is right!, honestly Greyhound is the worst service!, Here's the thing, call Greyhound and ask them regarding the complain #1780936 {That's mine} and you will find out!, traveling from Montana to Seattle; took 24 hours, bus broke down, in the middle of no where, bathrooms smelly, stinky, people inside smoking crack, a whore making money, Driver sleeping {No one was able to drive and fix the bus 'till next day} I complain and they say "We are sorry" .. yeah right.

1012 days ago


Alec is looking down his nose at all bus travelers. he doesn't travel on them, hasn't a clue about the good quality of bus travel today. Greyhound is tops in my book.

1012 days ago


Alec is just used to doing things his way and is too old to change. Next time Alec hire a private jet.

1012 days ago


Safe and enjoyable service!? Are we forgetting all too soon the be-headding that occurred in Canada just a few years back!? Thanks Greyhound.

1012 days ago


ALEC BALDWIN = Yuck Factor
Hey Baldwin, your slightly talented self is not so gifted
as to place your "golden ass" on a pedestal above the rest of society and FAA restrictions. Travel will ALWAYS be more comfortable for YOUR "golden ass" then the rest of us in, shut the F*CK UP with your self-absorbed self!
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year....bye-bye

1012 days ago

Illinois person    

Really AB? First off, you're acting like this post 9/11 and on a flight bound for New York? Second, aren't you from the New York area, too? Shame on you to have no respect for a flight crew and your fellow passengers. Then again, you're the same person who called your own daughter a fat, little pig. (of course, you thought no one was listening). How sad, all your wealth and not an ounce of class. No wonder Kim dumped your fat, sorry ass! NBC should too.

1012 days ago


I had the displeasure of taking a Greyhound Bus....It was neither safe or enjoyable. Obviously their spokesperson never endured any significant time on one of their rolling hell holes.

Thank goodness I graduated college and can now afford to fly, Delta.

1012 days ago
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