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9/11 Widow to Alec Baldwin

'Take Responsibility'

for YOUR Actions

12/8/2011 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alec Baldwin
invoking 9/11 during a rant against the air industry was totally "inappropriate" ... and the widow of an American Airlines co-pilot killed in the tragedy thinks Baldwin should simply admit he was wrong.

TMZ spoke with Cheryl McGuinness Hutchins -- whose husband Tom was in the cockpit of the first plane to hit the World Trade Center.

Cheryl was reacting to Baldwin's blog -- in which he wrote, "I believe carriers and airports have used [9/11] as an excuse to make the air travel experience as inelegant as possible."

CMH tells us, "I absolutely think [Baldwin's statement] was an inappropriate comment to make" ... adding, "I believe airlines used what happened on 9/11 to increase security and protect passengers as much as possible -- not to make traveling inelegant."

She continues, "If [Alec] did something inappropriate ... he shouldn’t have to point the finger at a world tragedy. He should just take responsibility for his actions and admit he should have gotten off the phone.”

A source close to Baldwin tells us, "Alec had absolutely no intention of offending families, victims or anyone else associated with the horrible tragedy of 9/11. He only referenced that date in relation to discussion of the resulting impact on the airline industry."



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In his defense I'd like to say he was having fun on his cellphone instead of ... oh say, talking to his daughter, you know, saying something like "YOU RUDE THOUGHTFUL LITTLE PIG" or something. He's very fortunate that somehow he keeps f-ing up and gets away with it.

1013 days ago

Joan K    

Alec, you are a big, fat dumb azz, stop acting like a spoiled fat brat, you are nobody.

1013 days ago


Alec always has an excuse for his bad behavior. When he called his own daughter a "worthless pig" it was because Dads don't get rights or something. Now let's blame 911. ~classy Alec

1013 days ago


BOOHOO ALEC!!! you are nothing but a BABY!!! in a man's suit - how disgusting! We are DONE WITH YOU and anyone or any production company that promotes you ever again! You're a PIG! The way you treated your daughter! Now the way you've disgraced not only the memory of 9/11 but you could've put the lives of 100s of passengers at risk! And then you, you PIG had to delay the flight with your TEMPER TANTRUM!! You're all washed up, not to forget how fat and bloated you've become. Go away you animal!

1013 days ago

jennifer hall    

Alec Baldwin is without a doubt correct in the way US airline passengers are treated today...I was married to an American Airlines captain who said EVERYTHING changed after 9/11

1013 days ago


And this man wants to run for mayor?

1013 days ago


When you point your finger at someone, you have three fingers pointing back at you.

1013 days ago


If 9/11 passengers hadn't used their phones we would know much about what happened that day. It's not the phones that make us unsafe. There has never been one drop of evidence that electric devices can interfere with a commercial airliner. Alec Baldwin is right. I just came back from Europe and it is much nicer to fly there. They have fewer security hassles, better food and drinks that are not an extra charge and the staff is generally much more my experience.

1013 days ago


It just bothers me when someone who considers themself to be "holier than thou" comes out to condemn someone. I don't like that. Moreover, no disrespect intended, but it doesn't seem that they've given any thought to why AA was chosen on 9/11, and I hate to imply that this common disrespect for AA passengers by nefarious flight attendants was among their reasons for picking AA in the first place.

1013 days ago


This is a very simple thing... Mr. Baldwin thinks that he is above all rules and better than everyone else. He is just a person like you and me. He should remember that every time he takes his over inflated paycheck to the teller in the bank. Oh, wait he must have someone do that for him. Too busy playing with his cell phone

1013 days ago


Sorry, I agree with Alec -- though airline employees are certainly under greater strain since 9/11, airlines have done everything possible to make flying a punishing experience. Crazy restrictions on what can and can't be packed, seats closer together than ever, flights more packed than ever, fees higher than ever and tacked onto every last thing, carriers separating parents and children as young as 2 years old and putting the children in the back of flights as though they are pets, and then you have the surly flight attendants who will use their new-found power to push you around, kick you off a flight and possibly get you arrested. Personal electronic devices cannot interfere with aviation instruments -- it's really more about trying to get the passengers' attention while they go through their spiel about how to use the seatbelts, how to use your seatbacks as flotation devices, and show you where the exit rows are -- and they do that while the plane is backing away from the gate and heading for the runway. With people routinely being stuck at the gate or on the tarmac for hours at a time, let people just use their damned phones until the plane is actually ready to head out! I do my damnedest to avoid flying anywhere for any reason these days!

1013 days ago

Cool Papa    

Sorry, the statute is up on 9/11. Ten years is too long. Everyone has had someone die in their lives. The fact your relative died on 9/11 is no more traumatic than the person who lost his brother in a car crash. Get over it.

1013 days ago

Kinkee Pinkee    

Maybe it's time for Alec to shut up and cut his losses. He just keeps sticking his foot further in his big mouth seems to me. By the way Alec.....last time I checked, the sun & moon DON'T revolve around you!!!

1013 days ago


That is exactly why I love watching Pan Am, it shows what it was like to experience flying at a time when you were treated like gold. As a child I have a small recolection of flying international and those days are gone forever. That being said, I have had horrible treatment by the airports since 1994, long before 911.I have been pulled at customs and they dumped 4 suitcases on the floor rumaging through everything , getting all my clothing dirty and wrinkled. Then they gave me the O.K. I asked what about my stuff, it's a mess, and they pushed it all to the side and made me put it all back. That was at LAX. I completly agree with turning cell phones off, I think the treatment of the elderly recently being strip searched was way beyond. I understand they have to select people to search, it's not the what, it's the HOW. If it was done with tact and politeness , no problem. With the sick and elderly, I expect kindness, they manhandled that old woman so bad it banged her kneee, being on blood thinners , she started bleeding and it could not be stopped, that had to call a ambulance.I think the airlines are rude and jaded, day in day out dealing with rude people will do that.I think as other jobs require classes to always keep employees motivated and positive, airline employees need to learn to handle all guests with kid gloves.How many times have you had a complaint only to be told,you don't like it, call customer service. That is a number with no live human being only recordings that are never returned.I have no problem following rules but must admit I have met some very rude flight attendants.They are paid very low wages and it is a very difficult life always flying.People also need to be more kind to all service personel. Bottom line 911 is no excuse to be rude.

1013 days ago


30 rock is the stoopidest show i cant even watch 1 min of it. he trying to act like he does on the show. what a fool.just like sheen

1013 days ago
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