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Nicole Scherzinger

30-Minute Crying Session

After 'X Factor' Elimination

12/9/2011 8:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Scherzinger ran off the set of 'X Factor' in tears last night ... when the audience booed her like crazy for eliminating Rachel Crow ... and TMZ has learned she was hysterically crying in her dressing room for nearly a half-hour.

Nicole was charged with casting the final vote between Crow and Marcus Canty ... but didn't want to eliminate either .. so she sent the vote to "Deadlock" -- which meant it all boiled down to the audience vote.

Crow lost ... and broke down in tears ... and when the host of the show asked Nicole to comment, the crowd unleashed a chorus of boos.

Sources connected to the production tell TMZ ... Nicole bolted right for her dressing room ... and was "inconsolable" about the situation.

We're told Crow -- who was a crying mess herself -- heard about Nicole and went to the judge's dressing room ... where the two cried together and Crow told Nicole she was not mad about the decision.

It's been a rough couple of weeks for Scherzinger -- as TMZ first reported, she had already been getting death threats and hate mail for voting Drew Ryniewicz off the show last week.


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That's what happens when you let someone who became famous for dancing and uh, kinda singing on stage in her underwear judge talent.

1047 days ago


Rachel has a bright future ahead of her. She is still young and there is a lot of her life that has yet to come. She will get more chances in the future to do many great things. This is just a learning/growing experience for her and she is just getting started. Lay off the hate garbage on Nicole and the other contestant too. It isn't Nicole's fault that the audience voted Rachel off and maybe Nicole sent it to the audience because she wanted to save both, but had a hard time choosing only one.

1047 days ago


Nicole sucks! Rachel blew Marcus out the water with that last song. Nicole is a coward and she does not deserve to be a judge. I am done with this show. It's so obvious that Nicole and Paula are very biased and do not want Simon to win. That's all this is about. How about judge based on talent! They have gotten rid of two of the best singers. What a waste!!

1047 days ago

Fareed Ansari    

Future contestants must be required to pass a simple 5th grade level emotional maturity test before being allowed to audition. Finalists must then pass a Star Struck examination, having a 6th grade knowledge of the separation of Art from Reality, with an emphasis on Fact and Fiction differentiation, before competing on the show. All contestants must go through an 8th grade level session of Sportsmanship; explaining, the gracious winner, and good loser doctrine, in spite of the decision on how the winner is determined, at which time the appellate process will be explained.

1047 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Hopefully, this show does not return for a second season. It sux balls. Stick with AI. The audience there are much more mature as well.

1047 days ago


So sad..It was Nicoles job to choose the best singer of the night (that IS why they have a save me song)but she just isn't cut out for the judging thing I guess. It seemed to me the Nicole thought that Marcus would go home by votes alone and that she didn't have to be the bad guy but looks like it blew up in her face. What a weenie she is!!! If your not going to judge the competion, then don't!! Don't come back Nicole... A little super talented girl got sent home because you didn't want to do your job. So sad cause she knocked it out of the park!!!!

1047 days ago

Beauty Queen    

Seriously, all the booing and crying is not necessary. Neither are the threats. That child was what 13 years old? She has a lot of life and talent, she'll get her chance. Instead of trying to win a competition her family should be focused on her being a young girl and growing up the right way.

1047 days ago


Look, these women need to have some ovaries. Nicole really didn't hold up her end of the bargain. She needed to send someone home and not allow this to go into deadlock. Rachel outsang Marcus by a long shot, but either way, Marcus will be out next week unless Chris or Josh really goofs up. I hope Simon will replace Nicole with someone else next year. She's just not that impressive.

1047 days ago


Sheesh.....I've never watched X-Factor. Is there always this much ridiculous drama?? I mean, I even think the 14 yr old's reaction was a bit embarrassing, but seriously?

1047 days ago


She's a coward. Make a freakin decision

1047 days ago

george fudge!    

X-Factor is a lousy show with talentless people on the judging panel.

1047 days ago


America is the one voting Rachel off, not Nicole. Secondly, LA Reid votes for his singers' interests as does Simon. That's why LA Reid picked Marcus and why Simon picked Rachel. It's also why Simon puts down Josh every time...because he wants Josh out because he's the biggest threat to his girl singers. That's part of the game. Nicole made the best strategic decision for her own singer. Why shouldn't she? It's the way the X Factor was set up to work with advocacy and mentors. As Paula said, she is now the only "impartial judge". So get over it. As for Nicole crying, I'm frankly tired of ALL the drama. Stop.

1047 days ago

St James III    

I haven'*****ched this show at my first time seeing any of this show is this clip....and GOOD LORD!!!!!! You woulda thought somebody died on the show or sumn. Damn!!! Is it that serious?????

1047 days ago


Mommy, you promised?? WTF does that mean? Soooo glad I had sons...hate the drama

1047 days ago

Kev the Realist    

My God people, GET A FREEKINLIFE. This is exactly why reality TV sucks. All the people that get so upset over these pitiful wanna bee competitions. Get real. You suckers are exactly what the networks love. They putg these shows on for peanuts, the stars judges and creators make millions and pander to the sick emotions of weak american who love this tarin wreck that the media calls REALITY. Nothing about this is reality, it is 100% contived, created to make drama and cleverly scripted to elicit the highest emotional response from the weakest among the population who have nothing else to do woth their own lives, so they fall, hook line and sinker for these pathtic shows that are just there to exploit them. It is laughable.

1047 days ago
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