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Wannabe Husband Killer

I'm Releasing a Cookbook!

12/10/2011 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She was sentenced to 20 years in prison for hiring a hitman to murder her husband -- but now, failed husband-killer Dalia Dippolito is cooking up a new scheme ... a book full of delicious recipes!

You’ll remember ... Dalia was convicted in June of soliciting to commit first-degree murder -- after her 2009 arrest, when caught paying an undercover cop to kill her hubby of 6 months.

29-year-old Dalia is now serving house arrest while waiting out an appeal to the 20-year sentence -- and in the meantime, she's keeping herself busy ... putting together a cookbook of her favorite recipes.

Dalia tells TMZ, she "poured [her] heart and soul into" the book -- which she describes as "a combination of cooking, health and nutrition, self-help, decorating and humor with a modern twist."

Right now, she's looking for a literary agent to help lock down a deal -- adding, "I want to teach people that you can bring the sexy back in the kitchen regardless of whatever you have going on in your life."

But who knows if it'll ever get done -- clearly, Dalia has problems finishing the job.


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WTF?!? A man wouldn't get house arrest for attempted murder while he appealed the verdict!!! They had this bitch "dead to rights". The judge called her "pure evil". And her younger sister was calling her a "role model." Part of the reason that the USA is turning in a sh*thole is the double standards by the judicial system!!!

1045 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

tmz why are you even making this low life relevant? you please are pathetic. Any for a story!

1045 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

tmz why are you even making this low life relevant? you people are pathetic. Anything for a story!

1045 days ago


I can't even imagine anyone wanting to buy her dumb book. Good grief. Why is this news? Pathetic.

1045 days ago


Dalia Dippilito? Come on--seriously?

1045 days ago


There could be trouble if she stole any recipes from Jeffery Dahmer.

1045 days ago


Right--buy a cookbook full of recipes written by a crazy woman who tried to kill her husband--no thanks. Somewhere in there, a "recipe" is going to make you sick.

1045 days ago


stupid gold digger

1045 days ago


My God, she's hocking a cookbook, looking for a publisher? I think that you should cancel your appeal, cancel your book, and go away. Personally, I wouldn't trust anything from or about you. As Judge Marilyn Milian says, "I wouldn't believe you if your tongue came notorized. Tried to hire someone to kill your husband of six months? Talk about a stupid twit.....Divorce IS an option dumbass.

1045 days ago


Well if Kim Lardassian can have a career why not this skank too.Ladies and Gentlemen the Titanic is going down, what does it matter if their stealing food from the pantry at this point?

1045 days ago


Solicitation to commit murder and she gets house arrest!!! WTF'n Hell??? How does someone get house arrest after trying to have someone killed? Our judicial system is INSANE!

1045 days ago


OMG, this woman is a piece of work. Her whole bizarre reality show defense may be true (who the hell knows) but come on, if it's not, SHE TRIED TO MURDER SOMEONE!!! I saw that Dateline special on her where they showed all the undercover footage. If she was genuine, she is one cold hearted freak. I hope no literary agent picks up this book. What a sicko.

1045 days ago



Angry women will be buying these cook books!!!!! It will sale out!!!

Now she knows that she should have just put some poison in his food but it is to late now shawty!! HAHA

1045 days ago


Seems to me like she would be a good pal for Casey Anthony. They make nice girls down there in Florida.

1045 days ago


"Foreward by Hannibal Lechter"

1045 days ago
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