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Alec Baldwin

I'm an 'American Treasure'

12/11/2011 4:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alec Baldwin took even more unrelenting shots at American Airlines last night -- mocking his recent cell phone debacle on "Saturday Night Live" ... even referring to himself as an "American treasure."

Among the awesomeness ... Alec -- pretending to be the pilot of his ill-fated flight -- explained why he slammed the lavatory door so loudly during his alleged standoff with a flight attendant ... claiming, "Words with Friends" can be "frustrating."

Watch the clip.


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If he thinks he's a treasure, then he is completely delusional, on top of being an arrogant bully. Kind of sad, really.

1044 days ago



1044 days ago


For God's sakes, give it up already. You are an old, boring, and no-talent hasbeen...just go away!

1044 days ago


This guy is a idiot.

1044 days ago

Dan Bowen    

Hollywood narcissism at its apex…if I just make a joke of my stupidity on a comedy show the humor of situation will invert and show the airline as the real problem, after all, doesn’t everyone know they’re in bankruptcy? Doesn’t everyone know that our electronics really don’t interfere with anything; they just make those speeches because the airlines try to oppress the little people? Doesn’t everyone know that those of us uneducated narcissistic a-holes act like people who really did things for a living and have tangible accomplishments outside of acting…we’re the important ones and even though we’re rich and have access to political power we should never have, we’re just like all of you, we sympathize with your plight…but we sure as hell don’t want to be you. I’m important damn it, I’m Alec Baldwin!

1044 days ago


Oh how they rally for their own. I could picture just about any other SNL alum or frequent guest of their show doing the same prima dona thing on a commerical flight. They all seem to be cut from the "me first" cloth. They feign support for poor people, but dare be caught having to sit with them or live near them and they go tyrannical. Its better that the "little people" are not among them when they have to go about actually living their hoty toty pampered lives. Air time any time you want it Alec. Your one of us.

1044 days ago


whoa people. relax. i think he's clearly making fun of himself and admitting his actions were foolish. the joke is that he's delusional and thinks he's a treasure. by doing so he is really saying sorry for being an idiot.

1044 days ago


Are yall serious? alec baldwin is one of the most insightful and best actors of the generation. **** AA. Alec baldwin all the way

1044 days ago


Not cool of him to mock his rude and obnoxious behavior. He only cares about himself and is unable to see others' point of view.

1044 days ago


Wow. He really doesn't get it, does he? Now he's impersonating a southern pilot (who is obviously dumb and ignorant) to sarcastically apologize to himself? He acted like a child on the plane. He should have done a parody of laughing at himself, that would have been funny, but nope. From now on, he should forget about planes and fly on his own inflated ego.

1044 days ago


So pathetic what the LEFT finds funny.

1044 days ago


Dear Alec,

You are NOT an American treasure, the soldiers who gave up and give up their lives are American treasures.

You are just a guy who chooses to be abusive to others, that is no treasure. Your abusive behavior is a MEASURE of your character, and a REAL man does not react, under any cir****tance, in an abusive or combative manner.

A REAL American Treasure of a man, regards and respects others, has honor and integrity, he does not verbally abuse his little girl or any other figure of authority, a real man obeys rules and aviation regulations.

You are not an American treasure. You are an embarrassment to the measures of a man.

Your Truth. Own it.

1044 days ago


I thought this was pretty funny. American Airlines made too much of a big deal about him playing a game. Saying cellphones can dangerously affect an airplane is like saying they're capable of causing brain cancer. Or exploding in flames at a gas station. You're more likely to be struck by lightening.
Everyone commenting so far needs to lighten up. Stop being so dang serious. Laugh at the silly things that happen in life, and stop being judgmental.

1044 days ago



1044 days ago


@9 and @10- You hit the nail on the head. It was a great skit and he was definitely making fun of himself. People, if you didn't see the skit, there is no way that you can make an informed comment...

1044 days ago
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