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Alec Baldwin

I'm an 'American Treasure'

12/11/2011 4:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alec Baldwin took even more unrelenting shots at American Airlines last night -- mocking his recent cell phone debacle on "Saturday Night Live" ... even referring to himself as an "American treasure."

Among the awesomeness ... Alec -- pretending to be the pilot of his ill-fated flight -- explained why he slammed the lavatory door so loudly during his alleged standoff with a flight attendant ... claiming, "Words with Friends" can be "frustrating."

Watch the clip.


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Well, FYI, American Airlines sucks, worst Airline in the world.

1008 days ago


This guy is an idiot and SNL is right there with him. At least they could have gotten a captians uniform for him not a co-pilots uniform.

1008 days ago


Alec Baldwin .... what a D***,,,,,
You think its funny to put 100+ passengers in jeopardy you worthless POS. you will probably get cancer from your ipad emmisions.....You are lucky you were not arrested for FEDERAL charges. Another hollywood A******. WE DON'T NEED YOU BOY !

1008 days ago

on the plane    

Speaking of 1950's catholic school gym teachers, why did Alex smell like a dirty jockstrap on that flight?

1008 days ago


How about AMERICAN *******. This guy is a fat, over-the-hill loudmouth. I thought he was leaving to go live in Canada with Barbara Streisand if Bush got elected. Well, Bush got elected and Streisand and Baldwin are still unfortunately still in the USA. Hey Alec y not ask AA to escort you to Canada. I'm pretty sure the pleasure would be all theirs. Actor???? in your wildest dreams. You suck!

1008 days ago


He has anger issues definitely but I still think he's a great comic actor. He should get over himself a bit though.

1008 days ago

mandy dogg    

What a sorry and sad little man. As others have said, JUST GO AWAY!

1008 days ago


Anyone taking a poke at American Airlines is Okay with me. 3 years ago they left me & my sister stranded in Texas, didn't get us to destination (family funeral) & refused any refund. Saying (no joke) "we got you somewhere" ! Give em' hell Alec!

1008 days ago



1007 days ago


The reason the flight crew asks for your cell phones to be turned off does not have anything to do with the electronics on a jet. They ask that of you because if we all flew around the nation with cell phones on there would be thousands of cell towers struggling to switch the signal fast enough. Hundreds of thousands of people with hundreds of thousands cell phones would terribly disrupt the cell service and "bars" that we all seem to be so dependent on these days. so thank you airline professionals for helping me not loose connection every time a plane flies over head.

1007 days ago

on the plane    

AMERICAN TREASURE? More like a turd in the litterbox! A bombastic, bloviating, bloated, blowhard, bully hellbent on beating up on his many servants. We are unworthy of even gazing upon his majesty. Avert your eyes worthless s*** of the earth...Lord Vader approacheth. Bully Baldwin continues to amaze at his holier than thou attitude. In his next movie(financed by Lorne Michaels), he plays an aggressive a$$h013 that beats up on women and children and blames it on lack of breast feeding when he was young. WHAT A DOUCHEBAG!

1007 days ago


I am not in a position to argue with federal aviations laws that are set forth for our safety. I know a lot of times planes crash for a specific reason and after checking the black boxes they determine the cause and immediately set forth a plan that will prevent a plane from crashing for that same cause. I have received a cell phone text while listening to the radio and heard a waves sound over the radio before the text even arrives so maybe that's why they don't want hones used but whatever the reason just obey the laws set forth for our own safety. I think it pretty messed up that he has millions in assets and he trashing an airline that employs 3000 people and is already in hard times. Point is unemployment is at 10% and once that airline folds that will be many more families that are unable to provide something he obviously knows nothing about. I'm sure it was probably a nerve racking interaction for the flight attendant she was probably shaking in her boots standing up to this db.

1007 days ago

on the plane    

What's the deal with the Huffington compost being larda$$es choice to spout off to. I thought it was a venue to express differing views in a safe attack free zone and the last bastion of conservatism. Perhaps not?

1007 days ago


Alec Balwdwin is a douche...I thought he was supposed to move to Canada 10 years ago..

1007 days ago


If I was Alex Baldwin I would never get on another domestic carrier! He may think he has the last laugh, but does he? Flight attendants stick together, they will be polite to him, smile and ask him what he wants to drink and eat. But God knows what they will do to his food before he gets it. I'm not saying they would do anything, but I'm married to a flight attendant and I been around them for a long time. If I were Alex Baldwin if I planned on ever taking a domestic flight again. I would bring a sack lunch and bottled water.Remember, they're just the help...

1007 days ago
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