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Khloe and Lamar

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12/12/2011 8:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian
Lamar Odom
and Khloe Kardashian aren't going to Dallas alone ... camera crews from their E! reality shows will be going with 'em ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to "Khloe and Lamar" and "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" tell TMZ ... cameras will definitely follow Lamar's journey to the Dallas Mavericks ... and the move and their life in the Big D will be a plot line in both of the shows.

One well-connected source tells us, "Cameras will follow it all."

Lamar could begin his journey as early as today.

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Who REALLY gives a Rat's Ass?

1025 days ago


Heaven help Dallas... Yikes. What will Khloe and Lamar ever do when the cameras finally stop following them around and they have to actually get to know each other for real? Without a script? And without retakes?

1025 days ago


hate the fam if you want, but I really like Lamar Odom...he seems really down to earth, and I think he got the shaft by the lakers...there's a saying...If it ain't broke, don't fix it...the lakers shouldn't have traded him It's their loss...hope their marriage works out...he seems like good people.

1025 days ago


Nobody wants to watch it. and I hate Sears for carrying your label. Piss off Sears. You ********.

1025 days ago


It will be interesting to see how long the Mavericks keep Lamar. At least I do no*****ch these ridiculous Kardashian Klan Shows.

1025 days ago


Lamar's new team mates will be thrilled.

1025 days ago


These ppl need to ****en wake up and see the real world. Not live in la la land and think that their **** dont stink. I am so over this moronick family and their dumb antics. Americans you need to focus on the seriouse things in your country.

1025 days ago


this ya boi tha oz check out my new tracks at www.reverbnation.com/thaoz
and www.hustlersaddiction.com

1025 days ago


Just remember every day ....Daddy is Spinnnnnning in his grave because of you girls

1025 days ago


i feel more bad for Texas then anything else.

1025 days ago

Joy Riordon    

I am an australian and honestly you yanks are mad *****. U created reality TV but think it's OK to slam a family cashing in on a storming industry. Don't like it, Don't ****in watch it. Slam them all you want but they are only doing what u wish you could do. I never hear anyone complaining about paying an actor or actress 30 million for one movie. The issue isn't fame, is what you get for putting yourself out there. Far too many movie/tv star get paid WAY TOO MUCH!! No where else in the world will a person who develops a cure for poverty get paid less than the person that portays this in a ****in movie. Wake up USA, you are all full blown ****in morons

1025 days ago


WHYYYYYYY? the people who still watch the Kardashians, please GET A LIFE!

1025 days ago


Kloe will probably dump him soon as her only interest was those Laker seats. We should set up a game to see who can guess how much longer this one lasts...now that he's no longer a Laker and she sayssssssss she will be moving to Dallas...with him.....and away from her pimp mom. We shall see...I say six months.

1025 days ago

Jay W.     

I bet Khloe is a dirty filthy whore in the sack. Lamar has got ta love that.

1025 days ago

Patrick Henry    

TO 165 JOY Riordan: snooty Australian.
No One appreciates your arrogant generalization of americans.
As far as TV programming do share what great programs that Australia has produced. Everything has some crocadile in the title that's about it.

We Americans have no say what the cheapskates studios put out. "reality programs are cheap to produce, no million dollar stars to hire or script writes to hire. Just stupid yahoos taken off the streets and given "scripts to follow and all of these are willing to debase themselves for ratings all the while placing viewers in a stupor.

Becuase of the prolifreation of cable networks they eed to fill their empty space and often times it is copying other reality shows. Every network has marathons to fill time by repeating 4 year old tv shows day in and out. It saves money that way. Even the movie stations show old movies over and over and over. It's been the movie 2012 for months. So we have to choose between the lesser of two evils.

You don't read well or you would understand our frustration over all things Kardashian. They are everywhere: In the super markets, on paid infomercials, all the supermarket rags, people etc, and on the news stations now that they are moving to Texas we Texans will and have seen them already on our local news. Sorry I didn't ask to see them in their over marketing techniques and now they have their friends doing their dirty work and appearing in the media as well. Why don't you write them and tell them to cool it since they are americans too and stupid moral-less ones as well. Now Huffinton posts says there will be 4 more spinoff for us to contend with . I recorded a movie the other day and every commercial was a kardashian promo. yes we would love to tune them out but they have no concern for us and are famewh*res that the secular world can't get enough of.
ALso how would you know what any other posters do in there spare time as far as over priced stars and athletes, charity or activism? What are you doing posting here Misses High and mighty? But then again you come from a country stupid enough to give up their guns and yet your crime rate has soared. You don't mind all the stupid american tourists money when they fly down to your God forsaken country do ya?
Apologize to your fellow American posters and send your vitriol to the elitist studios and un-reality money mongers like the Kardashian who are guilty of fraud on the public.

____> please insert your list of highly rated Australian shows here:) Better yet, snobby one, why not clear your head with a very long " walkabout" in the swamps.

1024 days ago
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