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Nicole Scherzinger

Paula Told Me

to Vote Off Rachel Crow

12/12/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"X-Factor" judge Paula Abdul secretly instructed Nicole Scherzinger to vote off Rachel Crow last week ... just moments before the earth-shattering elimination -- and we have proof.

Paula's mic was down when Nicole was making her decision -- but with a little volume tinkering ... you can clearly hear Paula whisper to Nicole, "Just let it go to a deadlock."

Nicole did just that ... a decision that sent Rachel Crow packing -- and resulted in a torrent of death threats from angry fans everywhere.

Everyone's blaming Nicole, but the audio raises the question -- is Nicole really at fault for sending Rachel home? So we gotta ask ...


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I agree with everyone who indicated that Nicole has a mind of her own, so why would she let Paula decide for her? I personally feel that it's Nicole's fault and I was glad she got booed, 'cause she deserved it!

955 days ago


I'm pretty sure Paula didn't have a gun to her head and force her to decide to go to deadlock. She chose what she chose and frankly I think she took the easy way out. Your job is to judge, if you can't handle it go back to whatever else it is you do.

955 days ago


They know going in what the vote tallies are and the producers make the call to determine the deadlock, not any of the judges! So blame it on the producers!

955 days ago


Nicole throwing Paula under the bus? Not cool.

For a bitch who sleazed her way onto the show after going to the producers and telling them Cheryl is too British so Nicole could steal her job, I can't be surprised really.
Nicole cast her vote on her own. Throwing Paua under the bus is a bitch move.

955 days ago


Nicole can never make a decision in a timely manner.

955 days ago


Nicole gets paid to judge for HERSELF, not let Paula do it for her. At the end of the day, it was her decision to follow Paula's advice, so it's her fault.

955 days ago


Nicole is being paid to be a judge. If she can't think for her self she needs not paid. She is at fault. She knew what she did wasn't right. The young man didn't out shine the young lady in the save song. And she knows it. BITCH

955 days ago


Who the F**K cares?!?! It's just some kid. It's not like her career is ruined or something!!! People are stupid for taking this crap seriously!!!

955 days ago


some one had to go home that nite, some one had the least amount of votes. da some one got voted off. GUESS WHAT some one is going home this week also. OMG

955 days ago


Is Nicole some sort of child? Can she not make a decision on her own? Obviously, she is NOT a child, she Should be able to make her own decision, otherwise she shouldnt be a judge. So it's not Paula's "fault" (Actually, its the public's fault, since they didnt vote for Rachel!) Also, after seeing how both Rachel and Drew acted after being eliminated, Im not really sure such young kids should be allowed.

955 days ago


Nicole is being paid to be a judge and yet she wont even vote to eliminate? Instead she sits there and crys, It was the audience who decided finally anyways.

955 days ago

Alan Carver    

First off this is a competition and each and every CONTESTANT knows that the possibility of being eliminated, so for Rachael Crow to behave the way she did the night she got voted off ... was simply ridiculous ... she behaved liked the 13 year old she is, and honestly, this whole "Mommy You Promised" remark just reminds me that this mother has over-compensated and made this child think she stood a real chance of winning this competition. She is too young to be the winner of this competition. She needs to just recognize that she has potential down the road, but she needs to go home finish her education and then maybe see if she has what it takes to make it in the industry ... beside we've already got Jackie Evenko ... that is enough!

955 days ago


Rachel went home because she had the lowest votes!!!! From the American public.. how difficult is that to understand?? Let it go people... she scored the lowest votes.. sheesh

955 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

It's no one's fault. Eliminating contestants is not a fault. It's part of the competition. If she got the lowest number of votes with 5 contestants left then she wasn't going to win anyway so what differance does it make?

955 days ago


Umm I think this needs to rest,people America did vote also Rachel would have never been put in that situation if America would have voted for her also.

955 days ago
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