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Kim Kardashian


for Liz Taylor's Bracelets

12/14/2011 2:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian just dropped $65k to outbid a gang of serious jewelry nuts for 3 unbelievable jade and diamond bracelets that used to belong to Elizabeth Taylor ... TMZ has learned.

Taylor's entire collection of rare and expensive jewelry was auctioned off in NYC this week for a whopping $116 MILLION ... and Kim was one of the bidders.

Sources close to KK tell TMZ ... Kim idolized Taylor -- especially after Kim did a magazine interview with Liz for a project shortly before her death. So when Kim saw LT's 3 jade and diamond Lorraine Schwartz bangle bracelets on the auction block, she snatched 'em up for a cool $64,900. 

We're told Kim believes jade harnesses energy ... and now that she owns the bracelets, KK feels she will share a deeper connection to the Hollywood icon.

Kim is not in possession of the jewelry yet ... but she's expected to get 'em sometime in the next few days.



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they go after pro football and basketball players and mess up their lives, gave Sears and other stores a bad name, now are putting their koodies on Liz Taylor's jewelry. Next will be Texas, they'll probably get boo'd there and mess up their basketball games by disrupting them by their presence...after already messing up the Lakers. there's so much the list is endless

Everything they touch turns to p*o*o*p

1047 days ago

Lola Marie    

What can you expect of a jewelry to try to look like a lady. Sorry Kim you are are a selfish woman just like your mother. WHY DIDN'T YOU DONATE THAT MONEY TO THOSE POOR KIDS IN HAITI? I AM SORRY I FORGOT YOU JUST WENT THERE FOR A PUBLICITY STUNT...YOU ARE 1000 PERCENT FAKE. Go away please you porno star!

1047 days ago


Liv was a very talented artist; Kim , uh, isn't.

1047 days ago

Throwback kid    

They really need to skip thier next vacation and spend the time instead with a speech therapist. It's time the Kardashian girls learn how to speak like adults. Is anyone else tired of hearing these self absorbed morons use the word like in every sentence. It was cute in 1983 in the movie Valley Girl, it sounds pathetic in 2011 with women in their 30's who still talk like teenagers. This one's for you KKK girls, LIKE, BOYCOTT LIKE SEARS LIKE DON'T LIKE BUY OUR STUFF LIKE AND LIKE BOYCOTT LIKE THE KARDASHINS!

1046 days ago


Putting lipstick on a PIG!

1046 days ago

Will always LOVE RJ    

Look at that WHORE IN THAT PIC You can see her bags UNDER HER EYES hidden (..and not very good) with a ton of makeup! Liz is a natural beauty..unlike the dirty whore Kim. She thinks she's like Liz? ROFLMFAO...liz never made a SEX TAPE showing herself getting PISSED ON!

1046 days ago


Did you hear Barbara Walters say to KimWhore. . .So, Kim, you're famous for making a sex tape. Kim just looked at her and nodded. Then Pimpmomager buts in and says she was mortified and they she did a lot of crying for a few days, then she hired an attorney and became KimWhore's manager to make lemonade out of lemons. "The Grapes of Wrath" Part 2. NOT!

1046 days ago


She returns from her fake mission trip to Haiti, then plops down this kind of money on bracelets? Why didn't she give that money to Haiti? This diva has no boundaries, no morals, just all about her superficial little shopping. Disgusting. One day she'll have to account for her gluttony.

1046 days ago


1046 days ago


Maybe Kim plans to resell the bracelets and give the proceeds to her favorite charity. Was that the homeless or Haiti? Oh wait I remember now it's The Kim Kardashian Fund. Help Kim become as selfish, self-centered and trashy as possible.

1046 days ago

Pittsburgh's Finest    

I guess they do have some things in common. Elizabeth Taylor was a whore with 8 marriages to 7 men and KK is following in her footsteps. The only difference is that Liz didnt suck d*ck on a tape and get pissed on to get famous.She had actual talent.

1046 days ago


I just want to know if the greedy narcissistic Kim Kardashian RETURNED the wedding gifts she bilked her guests out of. Does anyone know? And how about the ring she "stole" off Kris Humphries? Did she give that back?

1046 days ago


go KIM!! they deserve to be worn by a hottie!

1046 days ago


Hey Kim, I love how you think you are on the same level as Liz Taylor, Oprah, and other A list people. YOU ARE A DISGUSTING PORN STAR!! You are a dumb media vvhore and money hungry slut.That's all you are!With the exception of the Jenners, you & your family are at the bottom of the barrel! When you show up on red carpet events, the rest of us roll our eyes. YOU ARE NOT A LIST!!! YOU ARE A NO TALENT, UGLY, GROSS PROSTITUTE WHORE-- A NOBODY! The only reason you've managed to stay in the spotlight is because your PR team works 24/7 to keep you in the media.

1046 days ago


People magazine headlined it right "Kim's Fairytale Wedding" and it was all make believe just for the money. No man in his right mind will ever have a trusting relationship with this user hoe. They will just use her and know she will turn on them in a New York minute if you call her out or disagree with her and her momager. Kim will be ridden like a fat ass horse that she is. She will continue to buy material things to ease her pain of loneliness and unhappiness until the money is gone. Hopefully, the money will be gone soon, so we do not have continue to see these stupid ass stories of the k-slut.

1046 days ago
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