Neal Schon Threatens Site Over Schlong Pic Take My Penis Off Display!!!

12/17/2011 1:20 AM PST

Neal Schon Threatens Website Over Schlong Pic -- Take My Penis Off Display!!!

Cuckolding "Journey" guitarist Neal Schon went on a legal campaign this week to decontaminate the Internet -- demanding a gossip website remove a XXX picture of his penis ... or else.

Schon's attorney fired off a blistering letter to on Thursday -- claiming the site published a self-taken pic of Neal ... flashing his junk in the bathroom.

According to Schon's lawyer, the pic was stolen from an old cell phone -- and publishing it constituted a gross violation of the musician's privacy rights ... that, and it's just plain humiliating.

The site must have bought the argument, too ... because the photo has since been removed.