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Kobe Bryant

Cheated with 'Multiple Women'

12/18/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant
Kobe Bryant
's wife Vanessa caught the NBA star "very recently" in the latest act of infidelity, and that is why she filed for divorce ... sources directly connected with the couple tell TMZ.

Our sources would not tell us how Vanessa caught Kobe, but we do know it was NOT through text messages a la Tiger Woods.

We're told Vanessa had caught Kobe with "multiple women" over the years ... but his latest affair was the straw that broke the camel's back ... and she felt she needed to finally end the marriage.

What's ironic ... is that Vanessa still loves Kobe -- but she just can't stand his infidelities anymore.

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U know Brothas can't be faithful,

1048 days ago


What do you expect from a Rapist. You may have done the smart thing by staying married to this *******. You revealed your true intent by accepting a four million dollar bribe to stay married. You now get half of 150+ million dollars don't now tell us you "love" this guy its allays been about the money when you accepted that bribe years ago. So STFU about "I still love him"

1048 days ago


Duhhh! Kobe has always cheated. Double duh...Vanessa always knew. Kobe married Vanessa when she was 18(young and dumb) so after 10 yrs she's managed to acquire some smarts...realizing Kobe will NEVER change. Surely, the Lakers are in triple good riddance bliss: no more vanessa, no flunky lamar odom and no more kardashian!!

1048 days ago


I have a tip. Please stop with... the ellipses... in all ... the wrong places. Please... it's very...distracting.

1048 days ago


If Kobe was hanging with Matt Barnes you know he was cheating. Gloria Govan just kicked him to the curb after 5 years of infidelities. She didn't play it like Vanessa, she never married the dude so child support is all she will get.

1048 days ago


Vanessa better get herself checked for every possible STD.
He's been a dirtbag for years and why now does she want a divorce? Is the money running out?

1048 days ago


Who Kobe Bryant Cheated With

Details on the woman Kobe Bryant cheated on his wife with. Article and pictures of Kobe’s alleged mistress, Playboy model Jessica Borciaga, at www.CelebrityInfidelity.com

Kobe Bryant’s Mistress – the Woman Kobe Bryant Allegedly Cheated With

30 Pictures of Kobe’s alleged mistress

1048 days ago


Vanessa is 100% Mexican, her momma was from TJ and word is that you never know about those TJ women whether she was a hooker, but anyhow I remember when she was a little baby girl of 4 and her momma worked for a rope making company, Tubbs Cordage,in Orange calif. Vanessa mom was married to my cousin and whoa and behold she suffered an injury at the factory, well for at least a couple of years her mom was "unable to stand upright" supposedly she could not straighten her back and would keep her house perfectly clean , would cook full on meals even with her "injury". One day during a barbeque Vanessa cried out that her momma can stand up straight and that she is okay, nobody believed Vanessa because she was a "child". Six months later the mother won the lawsuit of $60...0,000 which was alot of money at the time and shortly after she got the money from winning the lawsuit she was miraculously cured and soon after divorced Vanessa's father.

This may not seem like a big deal but her mother has trained Vanessa to be a snake like she was, she learned by example and being a big phony to get what she wants even to imply that her mom's ex was her father but she only wanted to declare she was "half-Irish" when she is full blown Mexican, a Cornejo
Vanessa has been more savy than Kobe had from the get go, Kobe may have been older but she is a very quick student from the University of Sophia , she knew all she had to do is bide her time and legally get the dough, it was her plan and her mom taught her well. It is the way these type of girls get what they want.
Just pop out a few kids as if you are having "Anchor babies" to stay in "America" only just wait ten plus years to get retirement basically EVERYTHING.

1048 days ago


Kobe is an idiot plan and simple. I guess that rape charge didn't change his ways. He deserves what he gets!! You go Vanessa. Take him to the cleaners. He deserves it.

1048 days ago


So did the ho ac***ulate enough jewels to finally tell him she was done. What a loser ... both of them!

1048 days ago


He's disgusting. If you want to cheat get a divorce. It is disrespectful to the person you're with to cheat on them.

1048 days ago


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1048 days ago

Eogan smith    

I think that he is very bad boy to cheat with all the woman.
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1048 days ago

Democrats are evil    

This woman accepted a 4 million dollar ring in exchange for his court case infidelity. By letting all those years go by, she simply shows she was in it for the money. Otherwise, she should have ended it then & there. No sympathy for her and she deserves the label of gold digging ho. Bryant deserves all the misery he gets for marrying a 18 year old Bimbo gold digger. A lot of guys out there know just what kind of woman she really is. MEN DON'T CHEAT IF THEY ARE HAPPY AT HOME.

1048 days ago

mike hunt    

He's black - so he's probably had as many or more guys than girls on his big black ****. At least now he will be free to screw around with them without having to hide it from her...he'll just have to hide it from his straight teammates.

1048 days ago
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