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Khloe Kardashian

Cheers On Lamar

in His First Dallas Game

12/19/2011 3:41 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Proving not all NBA marriages are in shambles, Khloe Kardashian played cheerleader by rooting for her hubby Lamar Odom in his first game with the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday.

Odom was definitely impressive with his new team ... putting up 14 points and 7 rebounds in just 23 minutes. 

Still, the Mavs lost to Oklahoma City ... but it's pre-season ... so, it doesn't really matter.

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Typical KockROACHian - makes it all about her.

1038 days ago



1038 days ago


Kim is HILARIOUS! Yelling at Kris.H for having a party in their suite ,because "it is her PRIVATE space"and she doesn't want strange people there! All this while surrounded by 20 camera people 24/7!!! HA-ha,ha~

1038 days ago

Throwback kid    

The Kardashian's Christmas card is a joke! It says nothing about celebrating the holidays, but then, the Kardashian's have no religion, money is their god. Instead the card is the an over the top "Dynasty" style photo to show everyone how rich and special they are. I hope 2012 is an even worse year than 2011 was for them. Boycott the Kardashian's, they deserve it!

1038 days ago


1. Great to see Khloe cheering Lamar. Yeah, Mavs lost ...but then again, they didn't play Dirk and Kidd because it's just an exhibition.

2. About Kim's party ... up the girls went into Kim's closet, bathroom, and sat on her bed. She was right to be livid. That in NO WAY compares to a yoga instructor teaching a class in one area of the house.

1038 days ago


Good for the Odom's. Getting away from the crazy family shnit is the best thing for them.

1038 days ago

Loving Latina    

Get them out of TEXAS!!! Don't mess with Texas Kardashian Hoe!!!

1038 days ago


That loud mouth witch should stay home, she's gonna ruin it for him in Dallas now!

1038 days ago


People forget Khloe was messing around with Lamar ... when he was still with his girlfriend, the mother of his children. Khloe was the cause of the breakup between Lamar and his Baby/Mama.

1038 days ago


Go Lam Lam ! Do er realy need to know she was at the game.
I see they have asecuity guy there nexted to her incase she gets flour bombed.The trashines wnat us too buy the book everythign kartrashine nad spend money at sears so they can cash in on Jesus Birthday. whats with knhole not warshing her hair any more sens shes been getting invtro.
If khole realy cares about lam l;am and his new team she well keep thier dan camreas and fake reality crap show out of it. That is impssible request beacuse they are all about the fame money and have to have those camearas there to feed thier egos. why should we the public have to have chrismtas ruied by these sknaks who are everywhere we look.
Texas well be slow to catch on that these drifftters are there to expolite the team and all wha once was proud state of Texas. Once they have thier footage and screw up a bunch of peole lifes and the team. Theyll beoff to trash the nexted city. Texas needs to buy a clue and poot their foot down now. No trashines are welcome in Texas.
Porn Free america going back to good vaules after being vicemts my trashines dirty water. If lam lam wants to save himself and his Brand he shoudl dump khole and get a fine black woman who can make some babys and not have his kids grow up around trahines. Be the best thing for him.
The TV cameras have courrptted him he wants the fame more than anything now. Go Lam lam my big black man who makes me smell like Barbee que!!
Texas wise up befor its too late and you all look like fools!

1038 days ago

arale norimaki    

Khloe CRAPdashian does dallas.

1038 days ago


We all know LO shed a tear when he put that uniform on. No longer a Laker !!!

1038 days ago


Lamar's dumb ass is gonna be sorry for demanding the trade to the dallas mavericks i guess he wants to kiss thier ass just to win another title but that's not happening and i bet he gonna if the lakers actually win another championship this year he will be ass hurt then Mark my words people, what goes around comes around.

1038 days ago


Very cool! Love them both.

1037 days ago


IT JUST MIGHT HAPPEN that Dallas would not want to rent to anyone closely connected with the Kardashians. Something to think about.

1037 days ago
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