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Khloe Kardashian

Cheers On Lamar

in His First Dallas Game

12/19/2011 3:41 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Proving not all NBA marriages are in shambles, Khloe Kardashian played cheerleader by rooting for her hubby Lamar Odom in his first game with the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday.

Odom was definitely impressive with his new team ... putting up 14 points and 7 rebounds in just 23 minutes. 

Still, the Mavs lost to Oklahoma City ... but it's pre-season ... so, it doesn't really matter.

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No Avatar


Khloe's big face keeps popping up on the screen when you're checking the stats and trying to enjoy the game. Her fugly face is everywhere. Can't stand in line at a store without the Trashians plastered on the magazines. gag

1036 days ago


When reality TV starts getting involved with professional sports, it's all down hill for Lamar. Now that the brother coming with them to Dallas and the rest to follow...I bet, unless she gets prego, he's going to have second thoughts about being the black hodashian, his brain cells will re-connect and he'll be headed for the hills. After seeing the christmas card that isn't a christmas card, it's a photo shopped WTF. Talk about self absorbed,creepy, bizzare power photo. I wish there was a firing swad in the front of the photo. That would make it a great christmas for us!

1036 days ago


WOW they actually had a seat in the stands big enough to seat that sasquach?!?!

1036 days ago


Lets remember Its KIM and Kris Jenner who are the bad,evil,greedy Kardashians What did Khloe do? Happy for her and Lamar maybe she will get pregnant in Texas!!! OOOH that would be fabulous!!! and that would be slap in the face for Kim!

1036 days ago

Ms. Scarlet    

Well isn't this something? I didn't think it was possible to see a whale in a stadium outside of Sea World.

1036 days ago


Who cares or gives a rats a%%.

1036 days ago


I hate these people but you have to give her credit for at least trying to actually be in a marriage. She could just move for the season and go back. It's called MARRIAGE!! Something Kim knows nothing about. I can't stand them but I wish them luck and I hope the show doesn't take over her marriage. I hope she's in it for the right reasons..

1036 days ago

Necola Grigsby    

Way to support your man CoCo, considering that your two sisters and mom drive you crazy, talk S*it to you then ask for your advise, now you have the option of seeing & speaking to them when you want to, no more suprise visits:) from Kris.

1036 days ago


When this chick realizes there are no paparazzi in Dallas, she'll dump this dude and swiftly head back to LA to get her fix.

1036 days ago

Throwback kid    

I was watching the game with my young nephew when there was a close up of Khloe's face on the screen. My nephew said "Look Star Wars is on!" I said no it's still the basketball game but even adults confuse Khloe with Chewbacca, it's an honest mistake. Not only does she have a crude mouth and use disgusting language but she looks like a wookie

1036 days ago


Trailer trash with money..No other way to describe this tribe of money grubbing, discusting, family..Old Brucie included..He has one more face lift and he is going to look Asian..

1036 days ago

arale norimaki    

watch out people in dallas shrek and E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial escape escape from L.A.

1036 days ago


Glimpsed a bit of Kendle's 16th birthday.SO phony!!The pomposity of that family is nauseating! Rich people are so jaded. The greatest con the public has ever been subject to.
People watch out of curiosity,habit or just nothing else good on t.v. Nothing is too crass for Jenner,as she rakes in the millions for??? -it's just not right.Pretext of gifts for the poor,while the kid is gifted with an expensive vehicle and over the top ,lavish party.Fake,fake,fake.

1036 days ago


I don'*****ch Keep of with the K's but I do like Khloe.

1035 days ago

Cathy Dora    

I believe is a free world to do whatever you want to do in life. Why attack the kardshians? Do you think is easy to make money and be famous, why do you fans like to criticize unnecessarily. Please let them be, they are working for their money.

946 days ago
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