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New Jersey Nets

We'll Take Kim's Sloppy Seconds

12/20/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not everyone wants to dump Kris Humphries -- in fact, the Nets just agreed to take him back this season ... this according to multiple reports.

The one-year contract is reportedly worth $8 million.

Kris became an unrestricted free agent after last season -- also with the Nets -- before marrying Kim Kardashian ... a gravy train that quickly screeched to a halt.

The Nets are set to face off against the Knicks tomorrow night -- and NBA sources tell ESPN, Kris is expected to play.

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He actually has a talent unlike the dimwitted scammer he was married to

1035 days ago


guess kim jumped ship too soon! ROFLMAO

1035 days ago


Good for Kris! Kim Kardashian is looking cold and hard.She has "aged out." Lots of younger,prettier fresh faced girls coming up.KK's are a sinking ship.Best of luck Kris,H.Hope your dad does write a tell all book exposing those flim flam
con artists!

1035 days ago


Good for him, stay as far away from Kim as you can get.

1035 days ago


This infantile Franken-tard better save his money. He's a just and ok average player. He could live forever in MN on that kind of money. Let hope this is the last we hear of him. I wouldn't let my goldfish go out with him, let alone marry him. He has the personality and charm of a caveman and the looks of one too. Drag your knuckles back to Jersey.

1035 days ago


Kims SPLOPPY seconds? We have all seen her in action and its more like she is the SLOPPY one. When you have to get with a person that is almost 7ft tall and that is probly just so she can feel something during sex, she is the SLOPPY one.

1035 days ago


Good for Kris. Excellent therapy.

1035 days ago


They didn't REALLY want him. He was just the only usable power forward left in free agency.

If they wanted him, they would have signed him when free agency first started instead of 6 days before their first real game. lol.

They tried to get others, but settled for Kris (just like Kim). Hope they aren't disappointed.

And Kris got pawned because he couldn't get a multiyear contract at 10 mil a year like he requested.

1035 days ago


Hey TMZ doucheb*gs, do you think you could be any more insulting? You just called a professional athlete, who made the mistake of getting married to the piss princess, "sloppy seconds" and inferred that his goal was to jump on a "gravy train". The guy makes millions a year based on his abilities; he actually creates something. The piss princess, the wookie and the baby oven, not to mention the pimp-ager, don't create a single thing, have no abilities or talents (except for the piss princess getting railed in a sex film & getting leaked on).

Pull your heads out of your asses, TMZ doucheb*gs...

1035 days ago


THE K.s did all they could to make Kris look bad,(lousy script.)Seems like a nice young man.Recent K. show about Kendal's Sweet 16,was SO lame.She was given a lavish vehicle and an over the top party and the pretext of giving gifts to the poor- BORING fake show.Going down~

1035 days ago


Please TMZ don't f*ckin insulting Kris. Leave him alone if you have nothing really nice to say about him. pfft

1035 days ago


GREAT .. HE IS FROM A CLASSY FAMILY WHO CAN BE PROUD OF HIM, HE'S A GOOD GUY ... KarTrashians meaning all of them are trash and he's class. We love him !!!

1035 days ago


Leave it to TMZ to get in a dig about Kris while reporting on his new contract. There was never a "gravy train" as he signed a prenup and now only wants this fraud relationship annulled. And so he should...that Whoretrashian has already commented that she new BEFORE the wedding that he was not the ONE but went ahead and married him anyway. STOP spinning this into yet another tale of poor little Kimmy footing the bill for his gravy train ride during their "lifelong" marriage.

1035 days ago


I find it amuzing that TMZ and the cretins that follow this site would actually have bad stuff to say about the guy.

A. He's going to make more in one year than any staffer at TMZ including Harvey.

B. He's going to make more in one season than any stiff reading this post.

C. Unlike his former "wife" he makes his money off his talents and not off the talents of others. Furthermore he's never had to get pissed on, rip of children via credit cards, sell his soul to the devil and make a mockery out of his parents for one single dime.

Thanks folks, but in this situation I rather be Kris as he has a career he can be proud off and not some gutter slut who makes a living impaling herself on black men.

1035 days ago


Humphries is back to being a pro basketball player. An actual team player.

1035 days ago
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