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Bombshell McGee

I Won't Ink a Sex Tape Deal!

12/20/2011 2:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee is trying to stop the porn company that snatched up her sex tapes ... threatening to sue if the videos go public.

As TMZ first reported, porn giant Red Light District says they are in possession of two separate sex tapes featuring Jesse James' former mistress -- one with a man, one with a woman.

But McGee's manager, Gina Rodriguez, has fired off a letter to RLD ... demanding they return the videos, which she says were stolen from Bombshell.

Rodriguez says McGee will sue if the tapes aren't returned ASAP ... and is asking RLD to return all copies and turn over the names of anyone who's seen it.

RLD has not returned calls for comment.


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These freakin morons that are famous or infamous need to get a friggin clue. If you don't want your p*ssies and d*cks in pictures or videos all over the world, THEN DON'T MAKE VIDEOS AND TAKE PICTURES AND LEAVE THEM ON YOUR PHONES AND COMPUTERS!!! It's as simple as that! This happens every damn week and these morons keep making videos and taking pictures then b*tching when they end up in the wrong hands! You are all dense and deserve these things ending up in the public eye!! Besides....she is hideous anyway and no one is going to chase after this video and offer millions for it - i'm sure even if they did, she'd be on that money like her p*ssy was on that other chic's face!!

976 days ago


First of all I believe her. Even then, its her personal property. If she wants it back and not to be seen by people then she has that right. For those of you calling her a piece of ****, a s***bag, a whore, and pretty much trashing her ink... You all need to grow the hell up. I think she is beautiful <3 I admire her modeling work and personally I would love to be able to have a career such as she has. Now I admit, a sex tape isnt the greatest thing to have happened. But she is trying to ge tit back and taken care of as it states above. Just leave her be and go troll on someone else.(This next sentence is especially to Azzkicker) If you feel as though she needs to be beaten to death for living her life and doing as she pleases like she should and CAN... then maybe you need to be brutally butchered for being a pathetic internet trolling ******* who thinks they are hot ****. Have a nice day <3 Loves You Michelle McGee!

976 days ago


I feel so sorry for her children....

976 days ago


Such bull****.
If this were a real threat it would come from an attorneys office and not some manager/ former pornstar/ escort.

Besides who owns Red Light now?
Not David Joseph...

Why isn't it addressed to Steven Hirsch he now owns the rights to all of their Catalog

976 days ago


If I want to watch reptiles *********, I can watch it for free on the Animal Planet channel.

976 days ago


Ok it is time to speak up. I am so sick of this bull**** fake celebrity sex tape hype. First of all Gina Rodriguez is the one who brokered the deal. She was in bed with Vivid, but went to Red Light with this deal. She is a s*** bag. This tape will come out for sure. 100%. If Michelle McGee didn't sign off, Red Light would never have it in the first place. I would bet a gizillion dollars McGee brought it to Gina and Gina shopped it. Stay tuned, there may be a fake lawsuit, then magically the tape will be released. Please spare us all the bull**** and old Vivid hype and just release it. The sales will suck because no one cares.
There you go folks, you just got The Truth.

976 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i mean if you were to find a diamond and gold ring worth several thousands, with the owners (prominent) name engraved on it, which was stolen or maliciously obtained, you think 'the law' is gonna be on your side if you try to hawk it for as much money as possible?? how did the law get distorted into this disfigured sick creature that bows to the interests of some sick minds?? really ridiculous. i wonder who's behind that deformed development.....not.

976 days ago


i seen the other tape, the one that cant be released. she bangs a dog.

956 days ago


really? She wouldn't release a sex tape but she'll do THIS?!

451 days ago


She wouldn't release a sex tape but she'll do THIS?!

451 days ago
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