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Brooke Mueller

Don't Screw with Dignity

In My Coke Case

12/21/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller
wants her first court appearance in her cocaine case to be a TMZ-free zone ... because they want to make the case really boring so no one will cover it.

Brooke's lawyer has filed legal papers trying to block TMZ from livestreaming her arraignment in Aspen.  As you know, Brooke was busted for cocaine possession earlier this month.

According to the legal docs, Brooke's lawyer is arguing that video of the proceeding would "unduly detract from the solemnity, decorum and dignity of the court."  Cutting to the chase, Brooke's lawyer says without our camera "this case may become less interesting."

How's this for less interesting -- don't walk around Aspen with 4 grams of cocaine ... allegedly.



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When I think of all the nice, everyday couples I know who can't have kids, and I see this cracked out piece of crap and her cracked out waste of space ex with those beautiful little boy, both of the parents whoring for the cameras... I know there is no such thing as God or karma.

1038 days ago


GOOD! I hope they do block YOU, TMZ. Frickin stalk celebrities all day long, trying to make money off their struggles and it's a joke. Like they're not even human and only here for you to ridicule and make fun of! It's NONE of our business and certainly not your's either! Shame on all of you! Half the stories posted on here are sleazy and pathetic. Frickin this site is as nasty as a porn site and the regular posters on here (half are internals trying to get hits on here) are so gross!

What this woman has to deal with and any other person who struggles with addiction or anything else is none of our business and not for your sleaze bag website to exploit of make fun of..go do a story on some charity work..!

1038 days ago


She earned TMZ attention--up to her to change that by finally getting off drugs.
Note to TMZ--please stop all this spam--looks like its getting out of control.

1038 days ago


I think if all such cases are open to the public and livestreams are normally available to other media or via the internet, it is a definite double standard if they block TMZ. Although I don't think Brooke Mueller is famous for being famous, more famous for being the mother of someone famous' children and drug troubles. So to an extent she's less deserving of the attention than the Pari******ons and Kim-Ks of the world. That said, I'm commenting on the story, others have, so there's clearly demand.

1038 days ago


But court live streams are a great way to kick start a otherwise would be dead career just ask Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay went from staring in Disney films to staring in court live streams its the the only thing that keeps her news worthy. Why would Brooke pass up such a opportunity?

1038 days ago


ROFLMAO, Let me know how this works out for ya, Brooke.

1038 days ago


Do her lawyers really think "Brooke" and "dignity" could be used in the same sentence?

1038 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Any crackhead would've immediately blurted the "That's not mine!" defense but none of that was even uttered from her lips. That is a problem.

1038 days ago


Silly Brooke. You should know how TMZ works by know, the whole 'paying Casey Anthony, a child killer for staged photos', etc. There is no low that TMZ won't stoop to.

1038 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

Wow you guys are fracking hilarious TMZ. No wonder you are the people I go to for a fix of gossip and bullshnit on people.

Allegedly. lol HILARIOUS!

1038 days ago


i'll buy you an ounce of coke if you do it all at once and just die already, at least let your kids have some dignty you used up drug addicted whore!

1038 days ago


COKE-WHORE! Just like her mother, good for nothing whores!

1038 days ago


Really TMZ? Does anyone care if you have a live feed at the courthouse for a nobody? Why spend the money, who is she again?!

1038 days ago

Alan Carver    

If you have NO dignity for yourself, why the HELL should the JUDICIAL system and COURT PROCEEDINGS offer you the same! You are a COCAINE ADDICT that got caught and you are trying to 'bend-the-rules' so that you don't get any more BAD PUBLIC HUMILIATING PUBLICITY due to YOUR ACTIONS! You REAP WHAT YOU SOW you COW! Deal with it!

1038 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

damn. tmz's reputation it seems, is almost just as bad as brooke muellers!...that's gotta say something!

1038 days ago
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