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Adam Lambert & BF

'Jet Lag + Vodka = Blackout'

... But We've Made Up

12/22/2011 10:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert
says he and his reality star boyfriend have buried the hatchet after their drunken brawl at a Finland gay bar last night ... blaming the whole thing on jet lag and vodka.

Lambert went to Twitter this morning ... and posted a mathematical equation to sum up the last few hours:

"Jetlag + Vodka = blackout.

Us ÷ blackout = irrational confusion.

jail + guilt + press = lesson learned.

Sauli + Adam + hangover burgers = laughing bout it. :)"

As we previously reported, Adam and Sauli were arrested for multiple assaults ... but were both released soon after .. and cops now say they will not pursue criminal charges.

So the question ... Is domestic violence more tolerable/laughable when it's 2 gay guys rather than a man and a woman?


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They weren't arrested, merely detained for being drunk, no punches were thrown, no "domestic violence" occurred. Rather foolish of you to attach this poll to this story not toe mention disrespectful to people who HAVE experienced domestic violence.

1014 days ago


Harvey's turning into Perez and this site is getting STUPID! I actually switched to tmz but maaan... this sucks.

1014 days ago


A hair pulling, bitch slapping hissy fit? Is that unusual for this smug, overrated dirtbag? I wouldn't know, I don't pay attention to him. Isn't his 15 minutes up?

1014 days ago


When it is a same sex relationship the cir****tances are important. In nearly all heterosexual relationships the man is significantly stronger than the woman so any altercation is immediately unbalanced. Even when the woman is the aggressor the man needs to be careful to do the bare minimum to protect himself or he'll be blamed.

Domestic violence should not be tolerated in same sex couples either, but this sounds more like a couple guys getting drunk and fighting. This happens all the time in bars even among good friends. This is probably the same thing, and since both are guys you don't have the obvious imbalance you get with a man and woman.

1014 days ago


Why is it the these so call organization that are always shoving their agenda down everyones throats are not speaking out about this. These degenerates want to marry but then want double standards when it comes to domestic violence when these fruit cakes are at it. Go figure.

1014 days ago


Stop abusing Adam Lambert by reporting distortions and exaggerations and report the facts. You ran with a story based on Paparazzi facts not truths and trivialized abuse of all form, including domestic violence. No retraction or setting the record straight. you really are beneath contempt. I am so disgusted with what you made of this story and how you used Adam to get attention!! You are no better than sleazeball Hilton Perez!!

1014 days ago


Ok this is stupid. Yes violence is bad in ANY case but it is obviously worse when men hit women, and the reason for that is obvious. Women are not born with the same muscle mass that men are. They are physically, genetically smaller and weaker than men. And THAT is why it is worse, because it isn't a fair fight. A man against a women will always end in the man winning. A man vs a man is at least a fair fight.

Domestic violence is wrong period. Man woman gay straight. But the bottom line is, women aren't built like men and cannot fight back the way a man could.

1014 days ago


Yes, it is more tolerable, and here's why. If this story was about 2 brothers, most of you would likely laugh it off as "too much alcohol and testosterone, most guys has a drunken brawl once (or more) in their life". Two drunk grown-a$$ men (gay or not) shoving each other around is very different than real domestic violence where someone is repeatedly victimized by their stronger mate.

1014 days ago


Also, really thank you for all the hate shown in the comments by some of your wonderful viewers. You really help make this country what it is! Disgusted!!

1014 days ago


Sad...seems like his relationships are overshadowing his talent. He was awesome on American Idol. Now he's more known for his sexual dalliances and doesn't have much of a singing career. Another George Michaels???

1014 days ago


Sick perverts. This guy is ill! Hopefully children aren't exposed to this nonsense.

1014 days ago



1014 days ago

deb beech    

are you kidding me?his life is a waste of oxygen!!!in his short time in he limelight adam has raised $300,000 dollars for clean water in africa.not saying his actions were right,buthe is human and hopefully will learn from this mistake!i just dont get all of the hate for his sexual orientation~i dont care who he sleeps with,none of my business!adam is an incredible talent,beautiful voice,smart,funny,articulate.just hope he can stay grounded .love him and his music

1014 days ago


It wasn't domestic violence, gay or otherwise, as****s.

1014 days ago


WTAF? Quite a leap with the "domestic violence" line. NO punches were thrown. NO ONE was hurt. The police have even said it was a minor incident, NOT an assault...But never let the facts get in the way of your need to tear people down.

1014 days ago
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