Ronnie and The Situation We've Buried The Hatchet

5/25/2011 1:25 PM PDT

Ronnie and The Situation -- We've Buried The Hatchet

Good news everyone ... The Situation has found it in his heart to forgive the guy who punched him in the face ... and now, we're told Sitch and Ronnie are back to being friends again.

Multiple sources close to both "Jersey Shore" stars tell us ... the guys had a long talk after the altercation and "worked out their issues."

We're told the whole fight went down in the first place after Ronnie had returned from a night of clubbing with his GF Sammi. Ronnie was pretty heated over an argument he had with Sammi ... and in his rage, "turned his anger towards Mike."

Sources tell us Ronnie began to talk smack to Sitch -- taking personal shots regarding Sitch's family -- and The Sitch eventually snapped.

The two men fought briefly before it was "quickly broken up" -- and Ronnie then blew off some steam by punching a wall and tearing up his knuckles.

But it's all water under the bridge now -- the fellas talked it out and are "fine now."