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Accused of Trying to Screw

Church Servicing the Poor

12/22/2011 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Derrick RoseA church near Chicago that caters to struggling members of its community claims Adidas is on a vicious campaign to torpedo the congregation, and a Chicago Bulls star is caught in the middle.

The Christian Faith Fellowship Church in Zion, IL trademarked the name, Add A Zero -- and church reps tell us it's using the trademark to sell clothing and other items to raise money for a new building, a food pantry and a day care program.

In 2009 -- 3 years after the Church got its trademark -- Adidas tried to register the name ADIZERO, for a sub-brand of its athletic clothing.  Adidas is marking the line, using Bulls point guard Derrick Rose as its spokesperson.   But here's the rub ... The U.S. Trademark Office rejected its application because the Church beat it to the punch. 

Adidas then offered the Church $5,000 to give up its trademark, but the Church said hell no.

And get this ... In November, 2010, Adidas petitioned the U.S. Trademark Office to cancel the Church's trademark, on ground the Church hadn't used the name enough.  The petition is pending.

Three weeks ago, Pastor E. James Logan from the Church sent letters to Adidas, begging them to back down.  The Pastor wrote, "I have long been an admirer of Adidas and would not expect a company of your stature, with celebrity endorsers like Mr. Rose, to try to use its wealth and power to bully a working class church."

The Pastor also wrote to Rose, pleading for him to knock some sense into Adidas.

We contacted the lawyer for Adidas but so far ... no comment. We also contacted Rose, but have not heard back yet.

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Add-a-Zero and Adizero are not the same thing. It seems SOMETHING could be worked out here that would satisfy the trademark office and both parties.

975 days ago


I've never had any thought to buy Adidas anyway, and I sure won't now. But, it just seems the church should win this case, even if it beat Adidas in a trademark war by a day. The only thing is, will Adidas' bullying bankrupt the church, or cause it to go financially under? TMZ, open your wallet!

975 days ago


There used to be a women's bookstore very well known in the women's/lesbian community for being the premier place to find women's books. Then Amazon.com came along and screwed them royally. This poor church -- only corporations and celebrities have any clout in the courts.

975 days ago


Christian Faith Fellowship Church PAY TAXES!!!
If you have enough money to donate to political capaigns then you have enough money to pay taxes! If you care about the "children" then pay taxes so the states stop taking money away from education! BE RESPONSIBLE! thumbs down are welcome.

975 days ago


A D I D A S take note: B O Y C O T T everything and anything KARDASHIAN is in FULL ACTION MODE...Adidas, are you next?
Adidas doesn't have to ROCK THE BOAT of the "little guy" with their almighty lawyers. Remember, it is the "little guys and gals" (consumers=profits) that fill your bank account....note to the wise.
CONSUMERS are at the breaking point with the POWERFUL crushing the less powerful! Something to ponder when you are on your holiday yachts.

975 days ago


A greedy billion-dollar corporation trying to screw the poor for their wn greed? WELL COLOR ME SHOCKED!

Judging by where their stuff is made, people have to kinda expect them to be screwing the poor.

975 days ago


Simple. Justb stop buying adidas products. Kick them in the pocket book!

975 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

1. This, is not -specifically- about shoes. It's about Right, Wrong, and those who buy/sell "Justice".
2. Nowhere in my post, did I "Quote Scripture".
Actually, I'm quite wary of those who incessantly
quote The Holy Word, but, thanks for the compliment anyway.
3. May You and EVERYONE else, have a Happy and Most Blessed
Chanukah, CHRISTmas, and Holiday Season!

975 days ago



975 days ago


Thosepoor(could be wealthy) could not force the big company to give them what they wanted- so now TMZ is trying media blackmail to try to give them what their greedy little hearts wan. TMZ must have been watching Barack Obama who puts people on guilt mind attitudes to get them to support him.

975 days ago


Adidas is probably just trying to prevent a lawsuit later. I don't think they probably singled out this church. I'm saying that they might think that the church would sue them later.
I also would say that Adidas does give a lot of equipment and sponsorship money that also benefits a lot of people, and I would not automatically side with a church just because it's a church.

975 days ago


I'm a Nike/Sketchers girl, so I can't really boycott. However, I will make sure NOT to consider Adidas in any of my future purchases.

975 days ago


Perhaps Adidas should "ADD A ZERO" to their offer to the Church... hee hee

975 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

prolly just some adidas regional manager trying to rile up some little issue that corporate adidas doen't really care about, or is not interested in. i hardly imagine that adidas would want to be associated with 'adding zeros'....to the adidas name. makes it sound cheap. i'd guess that whoever is battling the church wants to wipe out that name for the sake of the name adidas.

975 days ago


"church reps tell us it's using the trademark to sell clothing and other items to raise money for a new building, a food pantry and a day care program"

Riiiight. If you'd all do a little more research on this before bashing Adidas, you'd find out that the pastor himself *admits that they see very few of these items...ususally just a few a year!* They bring in about enough $ from their use of the phrase to buy McDonalds for 4 once a year. Please, church. Stop playing religious martyr to big business.

974 days ago
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