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Casey Anthony

Sued By Meter Reader

Who Found Caylee's Remains

12/22/2011 3:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony
The meter reader who found Caylee Anthony's remains has filed a lawsuit against Casey Anthony, claiming the freshly acquitted defendant defamed him by pointing the guilty finger in his direction.

Roy Kronk alleges in his lawsuit ... Casey's lawyers acted as her agents when they went on a media blitz accusing him of doing in the toddler.  Kronk points to various statements the lawyers made to reporters, including, "Roy Kronk is the Killer," "Roy Kronk is a childsnatcher," and "Roy Kronk is guilty."

Kronk -- who never got a retraction -- now  wants punitive and other damages.


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Team Kronk.

It's a shame Casey is rumoured to be benefitting from her murder and costly deception to the tune of $750k. Hopefully he money will be held from her, but I understand that is very difficult legally.

1005 days ago

Jay W.     

C. Anthony is Rotten to the CORE. She's needs to have her mouth stuffed... if you know what I mean. lol

1005 days ago


I hope he wins big and bankrupts her and her lawyers!!! It's about time we got rid of all the lying and "gamesmanship" out of the court system. It should be about the truth!

1005 days ago


If there was ever a case for bringing back tarring and feathering this would be it for Casey Anthony.

1005 days ago


I think it is time that people start suing her and Roy Kronk is no exception, how Jose Baez told the court room '' Roy Kronk went in and took Caylee and killed her '' I was shocked when I heard that but yet when Cindy Anthony said '' It smells like a dead baby in the damn car'' Casey's Layers still went with there Theory that Roy Kronk an innocent man who was just reading the meters on houses had to use the restroom and went in the woods to relive himself, How did they the defense lawyers put this innocent man at the scene of the crime when in fact he never was in that area until he had to use the restroom. I still don't understand how they did that nor will I understand why they did that.

1005 days ago


Dude just shut up and go away. You came off shady without anyone saying anything.

1005 days ago


Since she didn't make the statements wouldn't he have to sue the LAWYERS who did? Yeah good luck with that buddy.

1005 days ago


Uh oh...looks like it's time for some staged TMZ photos of the monster murderer again!

1005 days ago


Wasn`t she found not guilty? You people seem to have no faith in your legal system. Most of the world has no faith in your government. The US is decaying, can you people feel your demise?

1005 days ago


Good for him. I wondered why he hadn't done this sooner. Even if he doesn't win anything I hope this nightmare goes on forever for her. Karma may take it's time.......but it eventually finds you.......just ask O.J.

1005 days ago

the real diva    

good for him. i hope he wins too. after all this baby killer was set free. it''s time she gets the "what goes around , comes around" and she loses. that freak should not be allowed to ruin people lives. bad enough she killed her child. so good luck Roy. i hope you win.

1005 days ago


i'm sorry but the phrase 'doing in the toddler' is in poor taste. i realise you try to be witty and quick but there is a dead child attached to this story, to quip that she was done in, it's as i said, in poor taste.

1005 days ago


God Bless Mr Kronk!! Sue the hell out of her!!!!!

1005 days ago

Victoria Amoroso    

Great news! I think every person she has come in contact with should sue. I think her own lawyers should sue her. Jose're sleezy enough...

1005 days ago


He is just a money hungry man... did he already blow the cash reward he got for finding Caylee... they are not exploiting Casey, they are exploiting her dead daughter, anyone who is for this man making more money has no idea what is going on!

I am so sorry Florida Tax Payers, just another penny you have to shell out for this incident.

1005 days ago
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