Casey Anthony Deposed in Civil Lawsuit From Secret Location

10/8/2011 9:09 AM PDT

Casey Anthony -- Deposed in Civil Lawsuit

Casey Anthony gave a videotaped deposition this morning from an undisclosed location as part of a lawsuit against her by a woman who claims Anthony defamed her when Anthony's daughter Caylee went missing back in July 2008.

Originally, Anthony told authorities that Caylee had been taken by a nanny named Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez. Authorities found no such nanny existed, but a woman with that name claims her reputation was ruined when she was sought out by police at the time.

Gonzalez's lawyer, John Morgan, told the Orlando Sentinel that Anthony wore a Philadelphia Philllies hat, a big pair of sunglasses, and what appeared to be a wig during the deposition.

Morgan described Anthony as angry, but composed and answered only a few questions ... with her lawyer invoking Anthony's Fifth Amendment rights on several occasions.

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