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Our New Air Jordans!!

12/23/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Sneaker addicts waited in line for days ... some even got violent, but we scored our own pair of brand new Air Jordans -- and you gotta see what we did with 'em!

Plus, Lindsey Vonn says she's open to dating Tim Tebow -- but what's the point? Would YOU date someone who's not down with premarital sex?

Plus, P!nk saves a dog, Harvey tries to thank her on Twitter -- and it all blows up in his face. We'll clear up the tweet that got everyone fired up.


(1:00) P!nk did an amazing thing -- she helped save the life of an abused dog ... so why is she beefing with Harvey on Twitter?
(6:50) After re-reading the tweet that ticked off P!nk -- Harvey admits it was a "dumb" way of writing it.
(12:45) Stay calm everyone -- Harvey and Charles have a pair of the coveted Air Jordan Concords ... the ones that set off insane riots across the country today.
(17:25) The competition for the shoes begins! Brett and Sabrina are on the phone ... and ready to go toe-to-toe! 
(22:30) A winner is crowned!
(27:20) Skier Lindsay Vonn denies dating Tim Tebow -- so the question ... how long would you wait before hooking up? Christie is a little too forthcoming. 
(38:45) Breaking news! Mel Gibson is single.
(44:03) Warner Brothers is sued over the use of a knock-off Louis Vuitton bag in "The Hangover II" -- our in-house fashion expect goes off. 


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1004 days ago


Honestly, after seeing a few interviews with this kid, I honestly think Tim Tebow is really just trying tp pray the gay away. Not because he says he is waiting for marriage, because I think he is conflicted. My gaydar is never wrong

1004 days ago


Just heard the Pink story and even though you have been wonderful about putting me on the air, could not call in, and comment. I agree completely with Harvey-it is a very tough situation to allocate limited resouces (do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?), uyt then again, shining a light on underdog situations gets the most progress. I was an animal rescuer, nursing home volunteer, etc. for years and saw that the most effective thing on a larger scale would be to become an attorney. THEN, I saw that this helped but the key is legislation and public education to achieve the wide-scale changes we need. So, rather than rescue, as so many wonderful people do and we desperately need them (met the nicest people in my LIFE via rescue), I conduct animal law seminars and discussions, get key lawmakers to guest speak, (and bring press to shine a light), show up at legislative meetings, encourage people, etc. and so many wondferful folks are getting on-board. What Pink did, and she has been quietly doing a lot more than people realize, is shine a light on animal abuse. And, as Harvey pointed out, we often need a face to attach to a cause, like NY's "Buster's Law" to increase penalties for animal abuse (Buster the cat was set on fire and killed, perp Chester Williamson walked away and went on to commit a host of felonies against humans, which animal abusers do, 100% of the time and close to it depending on the offense). Then, Chester the Molester was caught kidnapping and attempting to rape and kill a little girl ("attempting" because police found the instruments in the vehicle". Yes, Buster's Law needs even more "teeth", and there are bills being monkeyed around with, but it was more effective to promote it as "Buster's Law" rather than "Agriculture and Markets Law 353-a.

1004 days ago


If you use a knock-off Louis Vuitton they get upset, if you use a real Louis Vuitton they will want money for using the name. They should not have had it in the shot on the movie, or say something that sounds like Louis Vuitton-which would have been funnier as he would look like he was a idiot.

1004 days ago



1004 days ago

Poor, poor Mindy ...    

Now. If just a few of them would line up for jobs so they could feed, clothe and house their brats and baby mama's!
Air Jordans, 22" rims, diamond studded grills and weed are priorities. Educations, jobs, paying taxes and raising their offspring are NOT.

1004 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

lately, the squinting dwarf has been a lot more squirrelly than he normally is
has his medication changed?

1004 days ago

dwan fulwood    

Stop buying foreign products and put americans back to work.

1004 days ago


F*ck was she annoying and a dirty liar. Brett was actually fair while she kept stalling and googling. Go Brett!

1004 days ago

i said lesbians...    

man if i was 16 i would be begging for those jordans. the reason i cant wear them anymore is because the type of people that wear them give them a bad name...

1004 days ago


If I had known people were gonna go crazy over these shoes I would have kept the pair I bough back in 1995 in the box.

1003 days ago
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