Louis Vuitton to Warner Bros. Hangover II, Screw You!

12/23/2011 6:44 AM PST

Louis Vuitton to Warner Bros. -- Hangover II, Screw You

The fine folks at Louis Vuitton are suing Warner Bros. for using knockoff L.V. luggage in Hangover II ... and they want the movie pulled until the scene is removed.

The movie features Zach Galifianakis' character -- Alan -- instructing Stu not to mess with his luggage, warning, "Careful, that is ... that is a Louis Vuitton." BTW, in the movie, the S in Louis is not silent. Funny.

Two problems. First, L.V. claims Warner Bros. never got permission to use its precious and valuable trademark. Second, the luggage in the movie is a knockoff, or so LV claims. Again, funny but problematic.

Louis Vuitton wants damages, and an injunction prohibiting Warner Bros. from distributing the movie as long as the luggage is in the flick.

No word from Warner Bros. yet. Seems we're the only ones working today.