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'Saddle Ranch' Star

Xmas Hoodlums

Gave Me a Black Eye [PIC]

12/29/2011 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dave Collins black eye
One of the stars of VH1's "Saddle Ranch" claims he got his ass handed to him by a group of thugs Christmas weekend -- and he has a new, nasty black eye to prove it.

SR bull operator Dave Collins tells TMZ, he and a pal were minding their own business on their way out of a bar in Minneapolis Friday night ... when suddenly, out of nowhere, a gang of unidentified males jumped them, and fists started flying.

Collins says he and his buddy were eventually able to get away, but not before taking several shots to the face -- adding, "We fled the scene as quick as possible because we didn't know if the guys had knives or guns ... It was a really scary moment in my life."

So far, no arrests have been made.



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i said lesbians...    


944 days ago


Faked ! Also a very bad makeup job.

944 days ago


yeah that's right "out of nowhere" Got mouth with someone in the bar and HE, not they beat the **** out of you

944 days ago


Part of his advanced actor training included this class:

"Brows and Grimace 305 (graduate school credit level) - Let your eyebrows do your talking for you! Your dominant eyebrow will be determined, and you will be trained in raising that eyebrow for super-special impact on the big screen!"

Class listing and description taken from 2008 registration packet, "Actors 'R Us", Boseman, MT.

944 days ago


Anyone that appears on an VH-1 reality show probably deserves to get his butt kicked.

944 days ago


saddle ranch and star are two words that don't belong together. by what you're saying. reality show people are stars. yeah i said it. what an insult to real Hollywood stars.

944 days ago


I smell bull****, do you? Well, do you? I do!

943 days ago


You guys are all f*cking morons.. I was with him and have several other pictures of his black eye. And yes we did get jumped. Yah fake lol.. cjs.. you are straight up broke down. Carl is cool though.. anyone one on VH1 should get there ass kicked.. but you who are ******* nobody is cool tho right? LOL!!!!!!!!!!

943 days ago


Saddle Ranch sucks.

943 days ago


Nope, it's for real. There is a group of roaming Thugs sucker punching and assaulting people in downtown Minneapolis. A coworker and his friends were attack also. They went to try and report the attack which occurred outside of a police station the cops threatened to arrest them. It wasn't til the St Paul Paper reported on it did the cops investigate.

942 days ago


OY VEY! Another day in Minneapolis! It's unfortunate, but true - kids/youth/teens don't have much going on in Mpls so they thug around and beat the **** outta people for no reason.

THEN you have the MPLS cops - Pry worse than LA cops! Totally racist and amped/anger towards even the innocent bystandards.

Come to St. Paul - we don't beat you up :)

939 days ago

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