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Russell & Katy

What Triggered the Divorce ...

12/30/2011 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Something big happened that forced Russell Brand to pull the trigger on his divorce from Katy Perry -- and it happened very recently ...

And, the biggest celebrity train wrecks of 2011 -- you'll never guess who makes the list...


(0:00) We broke the story that Russell Brand filed for divorce from Katy Perry -- but the question ... did she see it coming?
(9:32) Brief marriages are common in the celebrity world -- John lists the shortest of all-time.
(17:15) Lance Bass' NSYNC fortune allows him to do what he wants, when he wants -- is he living the dream ... or lazy?
(18:13) Kelly and Gary side with Lance -- sometimes doing nothing IS doing something.
(25:03) Harvey traveled to a place that's primitive compared to The States -- but he says the people their were so much happier. Go figure.
(28:10) The celebrity year in review -- who came on top ... who came on bottom ... and who totally redeemed themselves?
(28:30) Harvey and Dax disagree out the gate.
(31:05) Who made all three lists?
(36:10) Who could forget ... The Weiner jokes.
(39:10) Harvey's favorite pick ... no shocker here. 


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Talk about chalk and cheese, I am surprised the wedding even took place given Russells history with women. I hate to say it was doomed from the start, but here you go. I hope Katy had a pre-nup!

1025 days ago


This does not surprise me at all. In my opinion i think that all he wanted was the pootang and once he was tired of it then he left.

1025 days ago


Blindsided YES because more than likely Katy wanted to be the one who would file the do***ents first. But he beat her to it.

1025 days ago


No matter how good a woman looks, smells or screws...some guy, somewhere, is tired of her shìt.

1025 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Happy New Year Tmz. Thanks for not having me permanently banned over some of my comments throughout the year.

1025 days ago


I know, this is SUCH a bummer - I prefer HAPPY ENDINGS!

Completely off Topic, but I NEED your HELP! A disturbing story about what a WRONG story Twilight Breaking Dawn is for girls. Here's a user-friendly blog making my case & links - many from before the Twilight movie craze. Thanks, and SO sorry about all the Twilight fuss, World!

1025 days ago


How was Katy blindsided by this? She was photographed without her wedding ring before Russell was.

1025 days ago

El Capitan    

Hey where's Demi lovato for most Reedeming Celeb or best year?!! she went through alot late last year and this year has had a great comeback.

1025 days ago


I'm Team Russell on this one - she never really seemed to get the whole idea of marriage. She seemed like she just wanted to go out and party all the time. Sure he has a womanizing past, but that was also due to his addictions. If he's clean & sober, then he may have been faithful. People are so quick to jump on him - but she's definitely not a goody-goody either.

1025 days ago

nee nee    

rick soloman pam anderson\kid rock pam anderson 2 shorties

1025 days ago


Blindsided...what about us! Dont they know the 2011 Biggest BreakUps has already been published! Geesh :)

1025 days ago


U wanna know what happened.... Russell prob got caught using drugs by Katy

1025 days ago

nee nee    

well Lance could either get a regular job witch he doesn't need or wait for showbiz producers to call which ain't gonna happen

1025 days ago


Katy and Hubby

Obviously something happened, problem is that celebs tend to let things really blow up instead of working things through and compromising as a result of their professions and how their lives operate with everyone doing what they want. Two opposing forces like that, no one wants to give and things get out of hand. Give Katy my number, she was rocking that Bikini.

Lance Bass...

He earned his money, let him enjoy it. He will find something to occupy his time, even if its beach bumming. I would do the same thing but I know I would find something to do to keep from being bored to death. He doesn't have to find the cure to cancer, but you would hope he would do something even if it is bringing a hobby or interest thats not a standard career.

1025 days ago

nee nee    

besideds Dancing w/ the Stars what has Ralph Macchio done since My Cousin Vinny ?

1025 days ago
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