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Lindsay Lohan

1st Shot Fired in Dubai War

12/31/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan cease and desist legal documents

TMZ has obtained the cease and desist letter Lindsay Lohan fired off to a Dubai-based party planning company ... demanding they stop using her name to promote a NYE party.

We broke the story ... Lindsay believes the company has been spreading lies about her ... falsely claiming she's agreed to attend a massive New Year's Eve bash on a gigantic ocean liner.

In the letter, Lohan's attorney, Stephanie Ovadia, states the actress "will suffer harm and damage" if the company continues to use her name without permission ... and she's not afraid to sue.

Still no word back from the party people.


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That's it .........
My general better get his ass in gear and get back here or his army of one is goina invade Wally World on her own..and to hell will his help......Tired of waitin !
Not that the company I'm keeping ain't nice but I was looking forward to getting out....

1027 days ago


I don't cair what any of you say. I'd gladly lay down my life for Lindsay. She's gorgeous and she wouldn't give any of you the time of day. I love her so much I'd throw my own daughter off a bridge if Lindsay asked me to. Who wouldn't do the same?

1027 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Hey Madi, how many times will your drunk a*s pass out and wake up throughout the day before the ball drops?

1027 days ago

AGENT smith    

Is this the real Nicole? If so, I'm very surprised at her use of the word barbaric to describe the U.A.E. and Dubai.......Nicole you should apologize for that remark....

1027 days ago


Her attorney is using an AOL email address on professional correspondence?


1027 days ago


I love that Nicole uses the ONE flattering candid picture of Lindsay from the past 2 years as her avvie.

Nicole, have you had a critical look at Lindsay lately? I'm not getting nasty just for the sake of being nasty just observing with my eyes (hell, I used to think she was a hottie 3 years ago) but this chick looks sick. Very, very ill, grey and bloated. Some days her face frightens me because it looks literally dead. And you know that if she looks like that on the outside things are even worse on the inside. And the woman is all of 25 years old. Do you really think things are A-OK here?

You supporters (whether you are flesh and blood or not) are only killing her faster.

1027 days ago


Hey Grandma...
Now that she's gone, what makes you say Julia was Lou? I knew Julia wasn't who she said she was since she went from being 18 to being 22 in 200 days...but what makes you think she was Lou?

1027 days ago


Nice Catch Bethy! I saw it was an email, and not an actual certified letter, but the aol address shows a lot! What kind of lawyer is this? What a joke, doesn't even have a company/professional email. (I checked her website, and sure enough, she uses an aol email account!)

1027 days ago


AGENT smith: 7 minutes ago

Is this the real Nicole? If so, I'm very surprised at her use of the word barbaric to describe the U.A.E. and Dubai.......Nicole you should apologize for that remark....

I do respect your opinion but it is truly how i feel about Dubai and their laws, treatment of individuals and draconian sentences imposed.

1027 days ago


OK, so we have Mike Tyson that is supposed to appear in Dubai and has to tweet he won't be there. Then we have Lindsay Lohan sending a cease and desist letter out because she's supposed to appear somewhere she's say she had no intention of going to. And then Pamela Anderson's name is associated with the same event as Lindsay in Dubai and she's going to be in Las Vegas. Doesn't this point to a problem with some shadiness in an outfit in Dubai and NOT Lindsay, Pamela, or Mike Tyson?

1027 days ago

big bamboo    

Dinas lawyer is one step up from using clayola..
she still goes on AOL chat..and just got her new "my Space" account...just like her client they are years behind..wonder if she was home schooled like lindsay

1027 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Ketjo, I'd be more than happy to assist you in getting down your fake mountain in your new wheelchair!!!

1027 days ago


Someone got the story ALL wrong! It's actually going to be Lindsay and Tito on a bass boat in the Everglades. They have already sold tens of tickets!

1027 days ago

big bamboo    

amazing that lindsays/dinas lawyer is licensed to practice law and in Dubai..thats some resume..wonder if she can sue the foreign diplomats also

1027 days ago


12:00 Noon EST.........
Lohan you know where your paycheck is at ?

9:00 PM in is starting to swing.....

TMZ now would be the time for the Photo proof !!

Come on people we ain't go all day Wally World is waiting.........LOL

1027 days ago
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