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Lindsay Lohan

Cops Called to L.A. Home

Over Rogue Door Knocker

1/2/2012 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cops were called to Lindsay Lohan's Venice Beach pad earlier this evening -- after a strange, unidentified man came a-knockin' ... and Lindsay freaked the hell out.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the man -- an older gentleman -- arrived at her home around 6:30pm and began knocking on the front door.

We're told Lindsay came to the door and asked what he wanted -- and the man responded cryptically ... that he needed to speak with her.

Unnerved, Lindsay asked the man to leave, but he refused, demanding she open the door. Police received a call minutes later about a trespasser on Lindsay's property. It's unclear if Lindsay made the call.

According to law enforcement sources, cops showed up soon after and arrested the man for trespassing. The man is currently being booked.


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big bamboo    

what seems to be scarier...someone knocking on your door? or
And a crazy demon at that, according to Weaver. The bodyguard claims La Lohan once bragged to him that she could "dress like a princess and still fight like a whore." O.K. Well, at least working for Li Lo must have been good for a laugh. Until, that is, the former Disney starlet almost got him—and herself—killed.

According to Weaver's book, Lindsay called him in the wee hours of the morning and asked him to driver her to Beverly Hills to "pick up a script." When they reached their destination, Li Lo allegedly walked up to a man waiting in front of the house and shrieked at him: "You ripped me off, you bastard!" And then she slapped him in the face. Weaver described Lindsay's resounding blow as being "so hard I almost felt it." Then she added insult to injury by slapping him again.

"Before I could stop him," Weaver wrote, "he held a gun to Lindsay's face."

Read more at ONTD:

1026 days ago


It was probally Father time because her's has run out.

Lohan needs to stop planting this stupid crap she speed dials to tmz. As always it backfires on her because she can never back up her BS. She is still getting caught in her own lies and can't keep them stright.

Lohan will do anything to make her self sound like she's in demand. Not even in her dreams. Just makes her look like a very desperate fool.

Lohan claims she turned down a bunch of New Years Eve offers because she want's to get away from her 'party girl image' Yeah, right. There weren't any offers hell, she's turned away from every 'hot spot'.

The Dubai thing was too funny. Using her name to 'promote' one of the biggest partys on the planet. Like she's an international jet-setter. Lohan, give it up already. Even if she could leave the states, Lohan is pissed because she never would be invited.

Lohan did make sure this got leaked and made sure the threatening letter (so generic) was speed dialed to tmz. They are shaking in their boots. Sooooo scared.

Lindsay Lohans image and reputatation is so far down the toilet it's beyond pathetic. Her backfiring BS keeps on prooving that.

The only reason why Lohan is now complying with her probation and CS is not because of jail everyone knows that's a joke, without that she can't leave the country. Lohan needs to be able to leave the country to try and find work. Won't find it in the states. All her own doing.

She's already overplayed her lost/stolen ID lies. Both times could not proove they were ever lost or stolen. Hefner and Playboy takes a chance on her and gives her the best gig she's had in years so what does Lohan do kicks them right in the teeth and burnes them. Doesn't matter if the photos were 'leaked' or not. She knew she had to be back for the Ellen taping to promote the shoot and pulls the stolen ID routine because she's partying in Hawaii. The same crap she pulled in France. The best her PR came up with was that there was 'A TRAVEL CONFLICT' that's why she missed the taping. Ellen DeGeneres told her to get lost.

All Lohan is doing is still prooven how she does not have 1 ounce of responsibility, reliabilty or professionalism. You can depend on Lohan to lie through her teeth and get burned.

1026 days ago

big bamboo    

Pogue warrior says how people need to get a life...
this is from page 67 of his profile

Brooke Mueller -- Arrested in Aspen for Drug Possession

30 days ago
I bet she's the ultimate freak in the sack when she's high.....
thats right 67 pages of drival in a 30 day period

1026 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

It's almost football watching time, however what I find incredibly ironic, is how all these H8rs love to use this forum to complain about all their personal problems. Like how they've got cancer, how they can't have kids, how they can't get jobs, how they were shot in a war, how they're discriminated against, how their children are bullied, and on and on. FYI, those of us who don't H8 on Lilo don't give a flying f*ck!!!!!

1026 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Oh yeah, if you want to continue busting H8rs chops today, you'll have to go through the drive through of your local McDonalds, Wendy's, In and Out Burger, Burger King, Popeyes, White Castle, Carls, and Taco Bell because they all had to go to work today.......

1026 days ago


You supporters actually attract these "H8rs" that you speak of. Seriously, people just wonder how "fans" as delusional as you actually exist and it's so frustrating it's hard not to comment. It's not as if you are people who are not filled in about Lindsay and think we should "leave this poor girl alone" - you guys know everything we know about her and more yet still think Lindsay has no problems and choose to find this person admirable. Sure I can understand feeling sorry for Lilo, but I don't understand how any person of sound mind could lower themselves to see a sad case like this (as Lindsay is now) as person to idolize or a role model. The mind boggles.

1026 days ago


When Tornado Lohan gets wind of this outrage, he's gonna be pissed that he couldn't be there to rescue his little holocaust. A bottle of Jameson's and a few fat gaggers of coke will settle him down. Kate Minor says that works every time.

1026 days ago


It was morals dressed as a man that came to her door needing to speak to her immediately but of course she didn't answer.

1026 days ago


Isn't it ironic that Rogue Warrior/Rock is the only person on here that has wished death upon Lindsay???

1026 days ago


AnnieSH: about an hour ago
Oh I have a sense of humour alright. In fact it'll be downright hysterical when people here get their chops busted like THEY are doing to Lindsay and others who don't agree with their pathetic opinions. Oh wait. We're already doing that to you guys. Feels good, huh?

Annie, if that's what you're already doing, you're doing it wrong.

1026 days ago

big bamboo    

this is the difference...I do not wish harm on lindsay..
on the other hand...the rock aka rouge warrior has stated on her, many of times death and violence toward Dilo and lielo...
and smith tells about stalking her.
If you ever look it up obsessed fans, are the ones that do the stalking...
I would not answer my door if she knocked, much less drive by her house (SMITTY).
then you have fans Nicoles twitter...that go to jail to emulate lindsay..get drunk and act like her..
or you have fans that sit around truckstops and watch "parent Trap" with their friends

1026 days ago


For the new on here, let's remind everyone exactly what type of person Rogue Warrior/Rocky is:

Shows you what not graduating from high school will do to a person. LL is dumb!!! Dina Lohan is DUMBER!! Hopefully, LL doesn't stay on probation after serving time and goes out and OD's!!!!
Posted at 7:00 PM on Mar 9, 2011 by therock

1026 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Correction, if you're looking to specifically bust oldmanbythebathtub or Fu's chops, go no further, they've been fired from all the fast food joints I previously mentioned.

1026 days ago


What I'm shocked at is that this is the first time Rogue Warrior hasn't mention Michael Jackson.

1026 days ago


Or wet rode lizards or calling people mentally illiterate idiots.

1026 days ago
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