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Khloe Kardashian

Rescues Tigers with One Finger

1/3/2012 5:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian helped raise thousands of dollars to help save endangered tigers in the wild -- all while barely raising a finger ... TMZ has learned.

Here's how it happened -- Khloe posted a tweet New Year's Day, asking her 5.6 million followers to text "Tigers" to 20222 ... thereby donating $10 directly to the World Wildlife Fund to help save wild tigers across the world. It was that simple.

A rep for the WWF tells TMZ, the tweet got an overwhelming response -- with over 600 people texting "Tigers" in the last 2 days ... raising over $6,000 for tiger conservation. According to the rep, the massive surge in donations was a "huge jump" above the norm.

But the rep tells us, the Kardashian sister's charitable moment didn't end there -- Khloe also adopted a tiger online ... and she got her mom Kris to do the same.

According to the rep, the money raised by Khloe's tweet will go to science and research on the ground in regions of the world where tigers live ... to better understand how to protect them.

Finally, a reason to keep up with the Kardashians.


No Avatar


5.6 MILLION followers and 600 pledged ??? PATHETIC !!!!

1032 days ago


Lily: YOu need to get a life. There are many other people in the world doing much better things than this family making money for no good reason due to people like you that buy into their nonsense. Making a fool of people just like you. Silly. Really, get a life.

1032 days ago


Get off the "K" train, Harvey.....your ass is showing!

1032 days ago


If Kim is the next BACHELORETT, I hope she finds a nice white
guy for a change and that she can get along with him.

1032 days ago


When anyone gives to a charity they should keep it to themselves especially if your last name is Kardahsian because it looks like they are still doing damage control which is exactly what they are doing. Who cares if she gives to a charity IMO she's still as phony as the rest of the grifters.

Stop watching their moronic shows. That is how we will get them off of our TV.

Thought Khloe was now going by Kardashian-Odom. When does she plan on using it.....oh I know....when it's damage control time and she wants everyone to believe how much she really loves her hubby.

1032 days ago


Forgot to add this in my prior post...when Kim tweets certain words or brand names she gets paid for it and I bet this is the same set up with Khloe. Khloe tells people what to tweet, they do it and Khloe gets a percentage of what they bring in. You don't think she's tweeting "tigers" out of the goodness of her heart do you? I would have more respect for the grifter if she donated the money herself. Khole is just as money hungry as the rest of them, she just goes about it in a different way.

1032 days ago


Remember when TMZ used to be cool? it's all Krapdashians promo or people associated with them...the latest being stupid Kobe....that family has made a fortune off of hard working people and now instead of her giving a million herself, she has her followers giving money and getting the credit for it?...and $6,000 is hardly overwhelming's actually kind of embarrassing act like it's amazing.....TMZ really has lost all it that Mike guy that writes all the Krapdashian promos?

1032 days ago


Kardashians, accuse of slave labor pennys a day. Their employees, factory their clothing line. No surprise there. They are pure greed. Kardashian clothing line (not doing well)

Kim Kardashian, Kris Kardashian Jenner goes to Haiti simply so it can be used as a tax right off (no charity was ever intended) Fraud.

Kim Kardashian is on Australia's Watch List. At least 3 times she claims she is there on vacation when in fact she's actually on business making money. Fraud.

The Klohe and Lamar going to Dallas never got off the ground. Now Klohes charitable, tigers? (There never has been anything charitable from the Kardashians) Nothing but greed and fruad.

The Haiti charity fraud and now tigers. Another charity fraud Kardashians will use. Only 6 thousand, yeah right. May look good on the taxes.

1032 days ago


Yeah, right. Some teenage airhead texts "tigers" so their upper middle-class parents unwittingly pay for it in their monthly cell phone bill. And where does this money go? For "science and research to understand how to protect" tigers! Really? What a waste of money!!!

1032 days ago


Can she guess which finger I am holding up?

1032 days ago


This might be the FIRST intelligent/important thing ANY Kardashian has ever done!

1032 days ago


Romney just won the Iowa Caucus. Let's see what happens in New Hamshire next week. Ron Paul came in third and Santorum came in second .

1032 days ago


They're getting rather desperate to make themselves look kindly these days. Khloe must be so exhausted from typing that tweet. Oh, wait. They hire people to do that for them.

1032 days ago


Nice gesture but they could be doing more. Telling other people to donate isn't noteworthy.

1032 days ago


This is not a big deal if she's paying $7,500/month in rent. She should be giving that to the WWF. It turns out, some of her fans are so stupid, they accidentally contributed to Vince McMahon's "Money for Brock Lesnar's return" fund.

1032 days ago
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