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Shot in the ABS for

Obama's Re-Election Bid

1/4/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


President Barack Obama's chiseled beach body is the key to scoring a second term in November -- at least according to Harvey and Charles, who think there was more to Barack's beach football game than just innocent, topless fun.

And, "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kyle Richards calls in to explain why cheating on a spouse just once -- ain’t so bad ... sometimes ... if it's not her marriage. Huh? You gotta hear Harvey challenge Kyle on this topic.


(0:00) Harvey and Charles tear into each other from the get-go ... are their doppelgangers really Nathan Lane and Whoopi Goldberg?
(4:15) Gary catches hell over his lunch.
(5:22) Pics of Prez. Obama playing shirtless football on the beach ... so do 'everyman' photos like these help him out politically?
(12:20) Introducing ... the TMZ party line! 
(15:01) Athletic presidents of the past ... one who fell down a flight of stairs .... and one who wore a suit to the beach.
(22:01) "Housewives" star Kyle Richards calls in to explain what she meant about not admitting if you've cheated.
(26:00) Harvey grills Kyle like a cheeseburger.
(35:01) The Iowa caucus ... major surprises ... and Brian's interesting theory about the GOP's future ticket.
(43:05) Should Arnold and Maria get back together? Should Halle Berry get married again?


No Avatar

just the truth    

the Obama's will not only s#*t on your head, but make you say “Thanks for the hat.”

1021 days ago


I think what Kyle is meaning is if you've cheated then live with it. Don't go to your spouse and expect him to make you feel better for what you've done,hoping he'll say it's okay I don't mind. If you're feeling guilty own it,live with it, and keep it to yourself. If you're quickly forgiven, you'll just do it again. She makes a lot of sense.

1021 days ago


Kyle Richards is an idiot. Marriage is trust between 2 people. If a spouse cheats, I hope the guilt eats away at him/her.

1021 days ago


Yeah, I suppose Chris Christie would set a better example, flying his fat ass around for little league game. Obama spent Christmas day with our servicemen and women and I bet the guys playing football with him had the time of their lives. Give him a break.

1021 days ago

R Smith    

Everything is a photo op for this guy. It sure would be nice to get a real leader in the White House. He truly fooled many Americans into believe he was something different......what a joke!

1021 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

This guy will eventually go down as the absolute worst president EVER!!! This country is going to POT in the last three years- and this guy goes on vacation for the last 4 months while congress is fighting each other!!!He has avoided every important issue all that time-- Who is going to be dumb enough to vote for this "comunity organizer AGAIN????? Are Americans that dumb???

1021 days ago


...while Rome burns.

1021 days ago


Based on how most elections go (whether a Republican or Democrat wins) looking cool trumps strong policies every time. Remember that Bush won in large part because he seemed like a good guy to go get a beer with.

1021 days ago


ALL politicians suck, that'll never change. But Obama seems to be more laid back and easy going, and personally, I don't consider that to be a bad thing. Look at what he's trying to fix; it's not an easy job, and no single person will ever fix the problems our country has, NOBODY.

1021 days ago


Nobody even cares about him enough, shirtless or not, to even comment about him here on TMZ & are obviously indifferent to him.
One termer for sure!

1021 days ago


Kyle's not saying everyone gets a free cheating pass to use once in their marriage - she's saying that IF you've had ONE indiscretion and you realize what a huge mistake you made, you should shut your mouth, get your priorities straight and make sure it doesn't happen again. More than one indiscretion...all bets are off because you're going to do it again.

1021 days ago


give this man a break...must we even comment on how he plays?

1021 days ago


President Obama does not have to try hard to be cool. Harvey Levin, has to try hard to be cool. Just look at who is running against the President and they are not cool at all. However, they are very rich and don't want anyone getting any of their money.

1021 days ago


Harvey, haircut - no.

1021 days ago


Pres Obama is definately not cool and he is the worst President in the last 100 years. So much for change. He is a disgrace to our country.

1021 days ago
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