TMZ Live Shot in the ABS for Obama's Re-Election Bid

1/4/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Shot in Abs for Barack Obama's Re-Election Bid

President Barack Obama's chiseled beach body is the key to scoring a second term in November -- at least according to Harvey and Charles, who think there was more to Barack's beach football game than just innocent, topless fun.

And, "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kyle Richards calls in to explain why cheating on a spouse just once -- ain’t so bad ... sometimes ... if it's not her marriage. Huh? You gotta hear Harvey challenge Kyle on this topic.

(0:00) Harvey and Charles tear into each other from the get-go ... are their doppelgangers really Nathan Lane and Whoopi Goldberg?
(4:15) Gary catches hell over his lunch.
(5:22) Pics of Prez. Obama playing shirtless football on the beach ... so do 'everyman' photos like these help him out politically?
(12:20) Introducing ... the TMZ party line! 
(15:01) Athletic presidents of the past ... one who fell down a flight of stairs .... and one who wore a suit to the beach.
(22:01) "Housewives" star Kyle Richards calls in to explain what she meant about not admitting if you've cheated.
(26:00) Harvey grills Kyle like a cheeseburger.
(35:01) The Iowa caucus ... major surprises ... and Brian's interesting theory about the GOP's future ticket.
(43:05) Should Arnold and Maria get back together? Should Halle Berry get married again?