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Beyonce Baby Drama

Breastfeeding Moms PISSED

Plotting to Sue Hospital

1/9/2012 10:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0109_beyonce-hospital_EX_01Lactation and retaliation ... TMZ has learned a bunch of new moms are passionately discussing BOTH topics at the hospital where Beyonce just gave birth.

Sources at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC tell TMZ ... the mothers have been gathering at a breastfeeding class at the hospital ... and in between latching techniques, they've been griping about the way they've been treated during the celebrity lockdown.

We're told the mothers feel they've been "neglected" by hospital staff ... and now they're discussing the possibility of filing a lawsuit against LHH.

According to, Bey and Jay-Z dropped $1.3 mil to seal off a private wing of the hospital ... with private security roaming all over the place.

Our sources say several mothers have been seen arguing with Bey's security people ... accusing the hired muscle of being "extremely rude."

Still, we're told the mothers are not mad at Bey and Jay -- directing the blame solely at the people who run the hospital.

One source tells us, "Someone at the hospital should be protecting us patients."

We've placed calls to the hospital -- so far, no response.


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Cheryl A.    

Excuse me but how is this affecting the other mothers? They are not being kept in a closet, just another wing. Big deal.

1016 days ago


If Beyonce and Jay Z were going to make such a big deal about keeping their baby "sealed off," why wouldn't they just have a home birth and hire a doctor and a nurse? The hospital should be sued, every baby should be given the same care. A celebrity baby's life is no more important than any other baby's life.

1016 days ago

give me a freakin break    

Although the hospital is to blame for allowing them to buy out a whole floor, Beyonce and Jay could easily speak up instead of sitting back and letting their body guards be rude to new mothers and fathers.
I mean, what kind of people are they that they need a whole friggin floor? That picture of her with the glossy lips just makes me wanna punch her square in the mouth. I can't stand them and their arrogance. I hope there actions come back to bite them VERY hard.

1016 days ago


Beyonce should have had her baby at home. She should have spent that $$mil to outfit her home just like a delivery room. She is spoiled, ego maniac and plain rude to upset the lives of others who love their newborns as much as she loves hers. It is HER fault because she pulls the strings and the hospital accountant is operating the cash register!!

1016 days ago


welcome to the 1%ers, occupy jay-z and beyonce. and to think he tried to sell a shirt "occupy all street" they capitalize on the middle and unemployed to buy their bentlys and security.

1016 days ago


Is this hospital public? Only areas in a hospital are Secure Ward for prisoners or Sealed (Quarantined) areas for people with deadly infectious diseases. That's BS with Drug Dealer with Skank Hoe's security doing to other patients. SUE ALL WHO ARE INVOLVED IN THIS SITUATION!!

1016 days ago


So all these ladies who actually had babies are having a hard time, because of a diva who wants to pretend she had a baby. smh.

1016 days ago


btw, whose range rover is in the HOSPITAL PEDESTRIAN LANE. you know that lane that people in WHEELCHAIRS use to get up a curb. anyone? OSHA, ADA, ACLU????

1016 days ago


I could understand if it was The First Lady giving birth and secret service was there I can understand that,but I think even the secret service would let other parents in not to see the first lady and her newborn but the parents and there family members to see there own newborns why Beyonce and Jay-Z bought and paid for there own wing at the hospital is just rude and thoughtless to the other new parents, I hope after reading everything that they did there record sales plummet and they get a hugh backlash for there rudeness and stupidity.

1016 days ago

dan belainsky    

I thought you had to be pregnant in order to give birth.
She got a call that the baby they purchased was on it's way.
The security was there to make sure no one saw her and JayZ comming and going during the childs birth from its birth mother!1.3 Million-well spent, no one got the money shot!

1016 days ago


What happens when you deal with a swagger jacker and a pimp gansgta drug dealer. Stick a fork in them... Beyaawwnce's career is already dying. Her album 4 flopped and she owes the label money back which is why the bitch has to do a tour next year. Great, more lipping and fame whoring... as for Jay-Z. One look in the mirror and the reflection tells all. Next.

1016 days ago


This should not be legal....I don't give a crap who you are or how much money you have if you don't want any press, have your stinking baby at home.

1016 days ago


All these stories that are coming out are All of them. The pregnancy, the birth, the's just all really fishy to me. I've been to Lenox Hill and I'm just not sure I believe any of these reports at all. The only thing I'm certain of after all this is that I'm over Bey and J (as Bey's "4" wasn't enough to put me off). Dunzo.

1016 days ago


She should move out of the hospital as soon as possible so SHE isn't a DISTRACTION and NUISANCE to the rest of the mothers and visitors. Show some consideration.

1016 days ago


More "entitled" AHole celebrities.

1016 days ago
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