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Lindsay Lohan

IRS Cracking Down

Over MASSIVE Tax Debt

1/10/2012 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
has a brand new $93,000 problem -- because the federal government claims the actress never paid her 2009 income tax ... and now Uncle Sam is finally out to collect.

According to official documents filed in Los Angeles, the Internal Revenue Service has obtained a lien against Lohan for $93,701.57 for failure to pay her federal income tax.

2009 wasn't a very lucrative year for Lohan ... she only released one crappy made-for-TV movie, coupled with a few minor TV appearances.

Now, if Lohan refuses to pay the debt ... the government can go after anything that belongs to her ... including homes, cars and bank accounts ... assuming she has any of those things.

We called Lohan for comment -- so far, no response.


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From everything she got away with... This one might finally get her!

1017 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Now she wont be able to pay for her "therapy" anymore, because she has to pay her back taxes. That nice judge should help her out.

1017 days ago


Hey when "you don't do paperwork" be prepared to have the feds knocking at your door for the tune of $93,701.57. I'd love to see them repo some items but she doesn't own the condo and doesn't own the Porsche, so what do you take?

1017 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Lindsay didnt make MAD magazines 20 dumbest people or events for 2011, so that means that even MAD magazine has moved on with Lindsay. To bad the IRS is not as forgetful.

1017 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

LMFAO, Harvey and his team can't even get this website right! The thing refreshes way too much and is becoming a pain in the a*s.

The funny thing is, when Lilo gets her act together this year, you H8rs will lose your lives, because your entire life surrounds Lilo drama. Once she get's it together, maybe you'll off yourselves.

Don't believe me? Look to the......

1017 days ago

big bamboo    

Right now the state of cali is going "UUUMMM" Lindsay didnt pay federal..she must have neglected state tax also...
"move that tax lien and audit..I am bouncing check lohan!!!"

1017 days ago

John T.    

She is so stupid, all that bleach fried her brain of the little she had. Anyone that hired a mother like hers to handle any thing has rocks in thier head. Dina is such a loser and took Lindsay right down with her. See no hope for Ali with her loser mother in there. Hope Dina does lose her home.

1017 days ago


This whole tax thing is such a non-story. So IRS filed a lien, great. BTW that also includes the interest and penalties, believe me, I Know!

She's probably received about 3 or 4 letters over the course of the last two years. And as far as auditing returns, the IRS can only go back 3 years. Yes, they'll be looking at 2010 and 2011, but she can always do an Offer in Compromise. Once that's filed, the IRS is so damn slow.

I filed one for my ex for 10 year's worth. Every year another letter came and another year was dropped off. It has still never been resolved, and they lost his paperwork and do***ents, and he never heard from them again. And for a p.s. she can always file bankruptcy.

1017 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Dina Lohan owes Nassau County $11,485.74 in taxes, presumably on the family home in Merrick. If she doesn't pay off her tax lien before tomorrow, the lien will be auctioned off, with the new lien holder earning 10% interest on the investment.

It wasn't that long ago that the momager sang a much different tune. When Lindsay was at the top of her game, Mama was right there at her side, earning her 10% and whatever additional perks (bumps) baby girl threw her way. There were the limos, the clothes, the parties, the clothes ... living vicariously never looked so good. But it doesn't last forever. Orange mama should have tucked a little cash away, but she was counting on Ali to keep the cash flowing.

But now all that has changed. Lindsay has nothing to do with her anymore, and it's just as well. She's not getting the big bucks anymore. Ali's just not catching on, no matter how grown up (read: implants) she looks. Dina will have to act fast to save her house. Expect a tell-all book in the next six months or so.

1017 days ago


This is exactly how the Feds finally got Al Capone.

1017 days ago


Why do I get the feeling this is all a prelude to her not doing her CS? I know she doesn't get pap'd at CS and could be doing it, but with the 'stalker' and now with the IRS breathing down her neck, I just got a feeling. . .

1017 days ago

big bamboo    

RED CRAP I think the Liz thing never made "Trending" but the Tax debt will...for you I guess people that try and get over are cool

1017 days ago

Rogue Warrior

LMAO, this link is all about what a dumbf*k Dilo is!!!! Multiply that by 1000% and that's how much I H8 the bich.......

1017 days ago

Jay W.     

Silly little girl You have to pay the MAN !

dig the shades.

1017 days ago

big bamboo    

in court lindsay will plead the fifth of vodka.on this one...and no contest to the charge of being stupid

1017 days ago
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