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Lindsay Lohan

IRS Cracking Down

Over MASSIVE Tax Debt

1/10/2012 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
has a brand new $93,000 problem -- because the federal government claims the actress never paid her 2009 income tax ... and now Uncle Sam is finally out to collect.

According to official documents filed in Los Angeles, the Internal Revenue Service has obtained a lien against Lohan for $93,701.57 for failure to pay her federal income tax.

2009 wasn't a very lucrative year for Lohan ... she only released one crappy made-for-TV movie, coupled with a few minor TV appearances.

Now, if Lohan refuses to pay the debt ... the government can go after anything that belongs to her ... including homes, cars and bank accounts ... assuming she has any of those things.

We called Lohan for comment -- so far, no response.


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It seems the IRS is the only agency that doesn't give special treatment to celebs.

956 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

When does owing back taxes become tax evasion? Did she pay her taxes in 2010? According to Smitty, she has earned over 2 million dollars for 2011, how much will those taxes be?
I wonder if this is why Lou Taylor quit?

956 days ago


How the hell do you rack up 93k in tax debt when it "wasn't your year" !? Sounds like it WAS her year... I don't get it. High taxes mean high income.

956 days ago


I'm glad the IRS at least is going after these lowlife famous, rich people! LieHo (and many other rich people) should go to federal prison for tax evasion just like Wesley Snipes!

956 days ago


Oh, she will set up a payment plan,$50.00 automatic with drawl, monthly.

956 days ago


Thread should be titled (IRS Cracking down on the Cracken)!!

956 days ago


This explains why she's making payments to the court for her fees, instead of paying it off all at once.

956 days ago


Hahahahaha! What a loser. Today on TMZ, she's being sued by a papparazzi because she hit him with her car while trying to peel away from a club, and the IRS has nailed her with a $90k+ tax lien because SHE'S A TAX CHEAT. Like #2 poster has said, her days of getting choice acting jobs are over because more talented actresses like Emma Stone (who have talent, yet refuse to play the "look at me!" game like blowhan) are being cast instead of her...

956 days ago

Liz from Australia     

What is up with all these Hollywood 'stars' (I use that term loosely. They make a **** load of money, yet are too tight to pay taxes. The USA should do it like Australia. You get income tax taken from you pay before you even get it, then when you do your taxes yearly if you had more taken out then they should have you receive a return. Simple.

956 days ago


Can't shmooze your way out of a lien. Checkmate.

956 days ago


Up next....DUI case resolved but Federal Court appearance starts. She can ask Wesley Snipes how this ends.

956 days ago

Good riddance!    

Another self caused problem for Ducklips McCracken because she couldn't be bothered to do the correct thing. Doing the right thing is beneath her, of course.

956 days ago


The IRS doesn't play games. If she doesn't pay, this time she WILL go to jail.

956 days ago


Well if LA court didn't get her to stay in jail...just like the gangsters of old...uncle sam will make sure you due some time for not paying up!

956 days ago


Come on file your taxes. If you need help contact a CPA. No matter who or where you are they always will find you. For advice or help Goggle Killer IRS.

956 days ago
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