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Natalie Wood Investigators

We Ain't Found Squat!!!

1/10/2012 4:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Natalie Wood
The re-opened investigation into Natalie Wood's death turned up goose eggs ... as in nada, zilch, zero, zip ... this according to cops.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department says investigators have found nothing to lead them to believe Natalie's mysterious death in 1981 was anything but an accident.

As TMZ previously reported, investigators reopened the case after 30 years due to information from a book written by the the captain of the boat where Natalie spent her last minutes.

The case isn't closed ... yet. Cops say they're still on the hunt for evidence ... but so far ... they got nuthin'.



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Cheap attempt at a Book release ! Nat was a beautiful, Woman with stunning eyes. A Very firey spirit. She was Pissed! And Pissed off. Took the dinghy and tragically died.The way she was Most affraid of dying. Brainscan, great flick. Sadly her last.

962 days ago

Jay W.     

It's been 30 YEARS... now going on 31. Let her rest in peace.

962 days ago


What a complete and utter waste of time and money. I'm sure there are resent cases that need attention.

962 days ago

Silverado Mom    

If you look for nothing, you find nothing. These investigators sound like incompetent imbeciles. Somebody needs to get in under their butts and light a fire to get them going. They've become too complacent. Maybe if it was their own family member, they just might care? They should be ashamed and embarassed. They should also get FBI involved to help out. I'm just say'in.

962 days ago


Maybe they should look more closely at ****ner's wife... That seemed to get brushed under the rug all too quickly...

962 days ago


If she was alive she would be younger than Jane Fonda. Who knew?

962 days ago


I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the outcome of all this. However, I really believe there's far more to this case than some people are admitting.

962 days ago


I believe whatever happened it was an accident and nothing more. They'll never be able to prove otherwise so give it up!!!

962 days ago


Well, We know she was deathly afraid of water, I hardly think that she would (while wearing a nightgown) climb into a dingy and row away from the yacht in the middle of the night after having Robert Wagoner yell at her and accusing her of having an affair with thier guest in a boat that's like 28 feet long (pretty small) and everybody on that boat had to hear EVERYTHING he said, including the beating he gave her.....I truly believe he (Robert Wagoner) accidently killed her (or intentionally).....but he did it ! SO.....there were so many people that helped the cover up including high levels of the sheriffs dept. at the time, don't forget, they both were huge stars at the time and Mr Wagoner had and has many, many friends in Los Angeles.......So why would they want to "find" new evidence.....Duh, because so many of them would fall too. This case will never see the inside of a court room....ever.....they are beating a dead dog....end of stroy !!

962 days ago


As if anyone is actually surprised by this....this makes the sherrif's office look like a bunch of idiots.

962 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Robert Wagner again opened up his wallet to shush any evidence that may be found... money buys freedom. I always made him for the crime. He was jealous and Natalie was beautiful and talented. I buy the bout on the boat with Christopher Walken getting too cozy as they all got plastered. Drunkin "accident" with intent during the buzz.

962 days ago


need to talk to Walken ,wagners lover yes they had something going that nite

962 days ago


yeah, and they're not gonna "find" anything... since Robert Wagner is still alive and still famous...

962 days ago
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