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Beyonce Baby Drama


Hospital Complaints [UPDATE]

1/11/2012 3:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The NY State Health Department is investigating complaints from new parents who claim they were mistreated by the staff at Lenox Hill Hospital while Beyonce was giving birth in the VIP room.

TMZ broke the story ... several parents are considering filing a lawsuit against LHH -- claiming they were neglected by staff and prevented from visiting their newborns ... due to the drama surrounding the superstar.

Now, a rep for the Health Dept. tells the NY Daily News, "Whenever we receive a complaint, we look into it. It’s not necessarily an investigation. It could be a review. Most likely in this case, it would be an investigation.”

It's unclear how many parents complained -- but as we previously reported, a whole bunch of people were griping about the situation during a breastfeeding class a few days ago.

5:49 PM PST -- The NY Health Dept. has announced it has reviewed and DISMISSED the complaints filed against the hospital.

However, a spokesperson for Lenox says the hospital will conduct its own internal investigation into allegations about the mistreatment of maternity patients.


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Joseph Diehl    

All this because a drug dealer's baby was born.

994 days ago


So Beyonce Williams squished one out. Big deal. Been happening across the planet for some time now. All the other patients should get one million. Each.

994 days ago


I agree with you Matrix111 a home birth would have saved us all this drama.

994 days ago


The next Enquirer will have the pictures someone on staff or a visitor managed to get. Count on it. Thats got be a real for all the security they had.

994 days ago


For anyone who believes that a world renowned hospital would leave itself open to the massive lawsuits associated with keeping new parents away from their newborns, GET A LIFE!!! You think 1.3 million dollars would begin to cover the amount of money Lenox Hill would have to shell out to those parents? Not even close. To the women who are upset because a supposed breastfeed­ing class was cancelled, I also say GET A LIFE. One missed class does not a lawsuit make. The hospital has stated that Beyonce was in an "executive suite" cordoned off from the mass population which makes perfect sense. I bet you Donald Trump's wives had their own suites when they gave birth and no one said a thing about it. Leave these people alone!

994 days ago


I bet all of you idiots complaining about her special treatment are the same idiots that buy her products that has made her think she is special. It's all your faults!

994 days ago

Miz Val    

"Ginger:They did the massive cover up because she didn't deliver anything. Her surrogate did. I hope this comes out. What arrogance to deny other parents the right to see their children because of this woman's vanity."

Ginger you ain't never lied !
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994 days ago

Melissa lee    

@ ashy lips u r a hater. And I bet u look like Susan Boyle.

994 days ago


Rich folk do get preferential treatment and I am sure some new parents got the shaft !!

994 days ago


because of beyonce's star status, it'll never go any further than this.

994 days ago


I just had a terrible thought. Will the baby have its own clothing line since her mommy does? Blue Ivy clothes for kids.

994 days ago


All of this nastiness by this horrible hospital to POOR BABIES
just to make it look like Beyonce had the "BLUE IVY" KID !!

994 days ago


If this story is true I don't blame the other new moms....their babies are just as important to them as Beyonce's baby is to her.

Beyonce and Jay Z should have arranged to have a home birth if the wanted total privacy and the hospital should be put on blast if the went along with this insanity.

994 days ago


Good start - hope the health dept. won't be bought by these disgusting dirty big-money-no-brain idiots

994 days ago

connie backes    

Hospitals need to stop giving famous people so much athority. I do beleive too it was a surrogate, but then she should have the birth by a midwife at home. No way should they get away with what they did to these others moms and dads.

994 days ago
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