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Casey Anthony

I Got Pregnant with Caylee

After I Was Raped

1/11/2012 1:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony
said she was raped at a party when she was 18 and that's how she conceived Caylee -- this according to Casey's former psychiatrist

The psychiatrist -- Dr. Jeff Danziger -- recounts the allegation in his deposition, which was just unsealed today by a Florida judge.

In the deposition, Danziger cites an interview he had with Casey in November 2010 -- claiming, "Two beers, possibly given another drug. Woke up passed out ...  Don't remember anything at a party, age 18. This is how she said she got pregnant."

Danziger claims Casey did not know the identity of the father.

According to Danziger's tests, Casey showed no signs of mental illness.


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I call bullsh** first Casey said that the father of Caylee died in a car accident, now she is saying she was "raped" yea right. The reason why she has been keeping Caylee's biological father a secret because she probably has no idea who the father is, even her attorney..well...EX attorney now said that she is a slut. Everything that comes out of that child killers mouth is a lie...and she also lied about her father "molesting" her, it seems like she keeps using the "rape" card so that people would feel sorry for her. No one in their right mind would ever have sympathy for a evil monster like Casey, its a shame that the jury bought in to all her lies. Caylee did not get any kind of justice and Casey gets to walk free and live her life without Caylee like she wanted. What a peice of sh** Casey is.

1013 days ago

ladyhawke are a nutt job,You shouldn't even be allowed to post anything on the internet at all.I know you used to much ether on your little girl..all for the spot light and havin a good time, you show no remorse, what is your problem..

1013 days ago


How does the jury who let this monster go free sleep at night?

1013 days ago


It has been proven that if she's talking, she's lying!

1013 days ago

i'm a lawyer!    

right... and she also said she didn't kill her baby.

1013 days ago



1013 days ago


She's full of it. Father has already been somewhat id'd as a guy from Massachusettts who is now dead.

1013 days ago


OK. So NOW, Caylee was the product of a rape? Lies layered upon lies. I haven'*****ched a single minute of any program that covers her or her case. This will be the last article on her that I open. People, if we qui*****ching every any any show that covers her, the coverage on her will stop. And she loves being in the spotlight. I'd bet that SHE leaked those videos last week. At any rate, OMG, every single time she moves her lips, she's lying.

1013 days ago


Why is this woman alive and breathing? She is a psychopath who murdered her child!! Nothing that comes out of her mouth is the truth. She thinks that saying these things will make us sympathize or pity her? Think again Caysee. We HATE YOU!! We are not going to believe anything you say and we will not be buying any book you write! You should have told the truth in court! Its over and you got lucky....enjoy being alone and broke you lying ugly peice of phlem!

1013 days ago


I cannot believe how Casey CAN FOOL so many people.JVM cannot understand the statement having to do with Casey HATE and love for her father,and thinks it could mean something about molesting,NO,I am sure it has to do with George taking house money to gamble,cheating,leaving the home for a year,making Cindy work to support her and her brother,Casey Anthony is paying daddy back in a big way.I am not sure mommie Cindy is good for Casey,Cindy will always give in to Casey.Casey and Cindy together,is real dangerous,someone else is going to get hurt my opinion

1013 days ago


MY idea,for a show for either Nancy Grace,Vinnie Politian,or JVM.would be to find and bring the friend of Casey that Casey was going to give Clayee to for adoption.but Cindy would not let her,also find out who was at he party Casey attended and find out what Casey did that night.she is accusing someone of rape.Casey NEEDS TO BE CALLED ON HER LIES,IN THE MEDIA,I am so happy Jeff ASHTON.NOW TIM MILLER,ZENAIDA KRONK,are all taking Casey to court,Casey needs to know,because Cindy will never tell her there are consequences to LYING.I have a feeling Casey is back talking to ma for a reason.she needs ma to LIE AGAIN MY OPINION

1013 days ago


The psychiatrist who said Casey was suprisingly "cheerful in jail" should have understood why,Casey knew it was a matter of time,before her and her mothers lies would get her out Casey got rid of her child,now had mommie under her thump,and now is mad because she is NOT GETTING THE MONEY she is looking forward to getting,to live her beautiful life,CASEY again is talking to mommie, she is planning something,CASEY IS DEVIOUS.and MA is there to lir when needed my opinion

1013 days ago


...there's your motive!!!

1013 days ago


I disagree with Dr Drew,Casey has a problem stemming from somewhere in her brain,Casey,who is very IMMATURE for her age,because mommie is NOT HELPING HER TO GROW UP.RESENTED DAD,FOR LEAVING his family,and when Clayee came along,Clayee got the attention Casey wanted as a child.So Casey took the one thing she knew would hurt,and accused him of molesting both of them.Casey has been good covering her deeds,and I SAY CASEY IS NOT ALL RIGHT MENTALILY.NO WAY,Also,tony L was into marijuana.Casey I AM SURE WAS DOING SOME MARIJUANA.CLAYEE died of drugs NOT DROWNING.

1013 days ago


What a ho, she's such a GREAT liar, even if it was true NO ONE believes a word she says.

1012 days ago
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