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Casey Anthony

I Got Pregnant with Caylee

After I Was Raped

1/11/2012 1:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony
said she was raped at a party when she was 18 and that's how she conceived Caylee -- this according to Casey's former psychiatrist

The psychiatrist -- Dr. Jeff Danziger -- recounts the allegation in his deposition, which was just unsealed today by a Florida judge.

In the deposition, Danziger cites an interview he had with Casey in November 2010 -- claiming, "Two beers, possibly given another drug. Woke up passed out ...  Don't remember anything at a party, age 18. This is how she said she got pregnant."

Danziger claims Casey did not know the identity of the father.

According to Danziger's tests, Casey showed no signs of mental illness.


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This is supposed to be believed? How can u tell She is lying...HER LIPS R MOVING!!!!!!!! Never has this statement been truer!

986 days ago


She's a psychopath. Psychopathy is a personality disorder characterized primarily by a lack of empathy and remorse, shallow emotions, egocentricity, and deception. Anyone with the IQ above 10 wouldn't believe one word that comes out this nut case mouth. Please a bullet

986 days ago

cha cha    

Oh Puleeeeze, This skank and her s***bag attorneys and parents should all rot in rat hell. Hey Cindy and George Marie, enjoying all that Dr. Phil money you scammed from that fool for your fraudation. And Casey why don't you make a video of your bodyguards, you know the ones that protected you from an assassin you left a post it note on your door threatening to blow your head off .... LMAO An assassin who leaves a warning on a post it sticky note. And then of course Bozo had to leak this to the Enquirer to make some money for you. Did you thank the Enquirer for your new computer you skank ho !!!!

986 days ago


What the f*ck is this, Casey's O.J. "If I Did It" book pitch? For those with short memories, she claimed throughout the trial that she didn't kill Caylee.

986 days ago


I wish she had just given Caylee up for adoption. Why didn't she??? Especially if she WAS raped and was so young.

986 days ago


Someone please end her already.......once she is "dealt with" then she can no longer lie. Hurry Up !!!!!!!

986 days ago

cha cha    

Hey TMZ follow the link I have listed below, The Skank ripped off the murderer Melanie McGuires Video Diary.
Melanie McGuire’s video diary….erie similary to Casey’s video….the same attitude as Casey. M.McGuire killed her husband, dismembered him and stuffed him in a suit case.
A MUS*****CH….Casey sounds just like her.

Follow the link above, Casey copied Melanie McGuires Video Diary.

986 days ago


And that's an excuse to kill your daughter?! Hell is not hot enough for you!

986 days ago


Yeah right, now she wants people to feel sorry for her...NOW WAY!! there is NO EXCUSE for what She did to her daughter!!!!!!!! She makes me UPSET really Upset!

986 days ago


LYING, let's make ourself the victim... You are one sick, delusional B%^&H!!!!!

986 days ago


Boycott the bull****. TMZ just starting coming back to read your site. This stuff is making anyone reports it comparible to the enquirer all those less believeable magazines. I just don't like reading lies. I want facts or im bouncing out. All bull. Quit posting anything about her. We are all disqusted by this evil whatever she wants to call herself. She needs to keep quit or there is going to be a nut job unload on her. Shut her up.

986 days ago


IF, and that's a big if, this story is true then that is very tragic and it might explain some of what her problem is. However that does not explain what happened to her daughter and it certainly doesn't justify it. It could explain why she seems so disconnected from her own child. The woman does not seem to give a damn about her daughter. It is very odd. BUT Casey is a professional liar. She may be realizing that she better come up with something to tell people because Caylee's death is not going to be forgotten. Now that she is on the street she is realizing she is VERY disliked. Who's going to hire her for a job? Who would be stupid enough to marry her? It is probably occurring to her that life before all of this happened is over and she IS the most hated woman in America. Now what does she do? From the looks of it come up with more stories to take the heat off of her ass.

986 days ago


I'm not going to believe this lying, murdering sociopath.

986 days ago


Oh really , how convenient for her that Calee's biological father is dead and cant defend himself.

She's just looking for sympathy with another sad story, like her father molested her. She will NEVER get anything but hatred and blame from the public. Her shrink doenst think she's nuts? SErisouly that person should have become a plumber.

986 days ago

Joan K    

Casey you are a lying POS and if you think anyone would believe anything that comes out of that gutter trap well you are so wrong. Why all of a sudden you were raped, liar, liar. You are going to go straight to hell when you finally leave this planet and there will be a place there for Bozo too.

985 days ago
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